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The Brevet: Locked and Loaded

The Brevet take on the Evening Muse

When it comes to concerts, I’m personally a huge fan of feeling the connection with the performers and the rest of the audience during their set. Tuesday night, at The Evening Muse in Charlotte, NC I experienced not just that connection but a range of emotions… in a good way.

The Brevet came to rock, and that they did. This band from California is one I’ve been listening to for over a year now, and when I learned they were going to be in Charlotte, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them live. Now if the band’s name doesn’t ring a bell, have no fear because there’s a chance you’ve actually already heard their music before. Whether you watch ESPN, American Idol, or are a movie fanatic who’s seen Ashby, you’re bound to have run into them at some point. These are just a few of the places you may have heard this powerhouse of a band. The tour they are currently on is taking them across the country in celebration of their latest single “Locked & Loaded” which has earned the right to have a tour named after it. One listen and you’ll be hooked, and know that these guys are going to be huge in the music world! This band of five are some of the kindest guys you’ll ever meet and they truly leave it all on the stage. If you’re seeing them live or just listening to them on your favorite internet music portal you’ll hear lead singer Aric Damm laying down the vocals and some guitar in the most ethereal way. Although, every member of this band showed us why The Brevet was a forced to be reckoned with as they all rocked the house.

The thing I love about The Evening Muse is that its space allows for a personal and intimate set from the artist. This was embodied with the opening act of the night, a group of three sisters from Atlanta, Georgia named Von Grey.

Von Grey 3

Now I have to admit, typically before I go to a concert I listen to the main acts music a lot to amp myself up and I also find out who the opening act is and listen to them as well. Well, this concert was a little different because I was crunched for time and totally forgot to listen to Von Grey’s music. However… this allowed me to experience a moment that I absolutely love to have. The moment when you hear a band and instantly have your body freeze because the music is so euphoric. To say that these ladies blew my mind is an understatement; the combination of their harmonizing vocals mixed with a cello, acoustic guitar, and violin gave me goosebumps at certain points. I went to this concert to listen to live music and photograph but at one point I just put down my camera because I was put into a trance by their soothing sound and powerful lyrics.

Von Grey 4

I also have to admit, the day after the show I had all of their music on repeat. You can’t beat the feeling of hearing a band that you immediately fall in love with. Do yourself a favor and check out some of their music including their latest EP – Trinity or their latest single “Plans.

Von Grey 5

Strangely enough, the contrast of the soulful and slower paced music of Von Grey and the rocking vibes of The Brevet worked really well in this environment. As the night progressed it was time for The Brevet to take the stage, as they did there was no time wasted to commence the drums and killer riffs of guitars.

The Brevet 7

From the moment they started their set to the last note of their encore song I don’t think the crowd stopped moving. That wasn’t enough for this energetic band though, there were multiples times when audience participation was encouraged.

The Brevet' Aric Damm

From simple rhythmic clapping from the crowd to the sing-a-longs that make for the memorable moments you quickly knew that this band is one you’ll be hearing from for a while.

The Brevet 12

Although this is definitely a band that brings the rock, we were also given the treat of an acoustic stripped down version of a song or two. The journey that we embarked on as an audience took us from songs like the slower sounds of “Rocks Beneath the Water” and “Embers” to songs that embrace the rock such as “Locked & Loaded” and “Legs”.  They prove in every way that they are not a band to be missed or overlooked.

The Brevet (Highlight 1)

Make sure to check out the latest music from The Brevet, and also catch them on tour now. With the Locked and Loaded Tour currently running from April into the end of May and then some additional shows through the summer (in which some of them are even Free if you head over to the bands site for details), you’d be a fool to miss out on a chance to experience a show with these guys!!

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