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The Bacon Brothers Return to the Historic Kessler Theater

The Bacon Brothers:

The Bacon Brothers Return to the Historic Kessler Theater


For the second year in a row, The Bacon Brothers visited the intimate Kessler Theater here in Dallas, TX.  Fresh off the release of their self-titled album, the Brothers are on the road for a packed summer tour.


The evening kicked off with an opening set by LA based singer-songwriter Cindy Alexander.  ‘Passenger’, a new tune off the multi-instrumentalist 2018 release Nowhere to Hide provided a fun, yet serious tune that the crowd enjoyed.  


Alexander’s songs about driving, parenting and everyday life sat well with the attentive crowd.  Her set wrapped up with a Tom Petty’s ‘American Girl’.


What you may know about the Brothers is Kevin and his award winning acting career.  What you may not know is that Kevin and his older brother Michael have been playing and touring around the world for 20 years.  The self-titled release is the bands 8th since 1997.  Drawing influence from classic rock bands such as The Band and Rolling Stones, there is also some Motown, country and folk rock mixed in.  It’s hard to pinpoint a particular genre they fit into.


To no surprise, the majority of the crowd gathered this evening to see the younger brother Kevin. The crowd erupted in applause at the site of Kevin walking on stage. The band wasted no time getting on stage and kicking off the set.  A couple of upbeat rockers, including the country rocker ‘Driver’ got the show off to a quick start. The bands newest single, ‘Tom Petty T-Shirt’, made an early appearance in the set as well.  The song was performed very recently on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.


“Footloose!” shouted a fan from the crowd.  “How about we play a song from every movie I’ve been in! How about Apollo 13?” joked Kevin.  Unfortunately for the fan, no Footloose cover was in the set for the night!

The set would put on the breaks for the slower, RnB/bluesy tune Broken Glass.  Accompanied with the music video playing in the background featuring Kevin’s daughter Sosie acting.  However, the night wasn’t all about Kevin.


Michael would show that his younger brother was not the only talented one in the family.  Michael, who is an accomplished songwriting having composed hundreds of film and television scores, showed why he is a big driving force in the band.  Speaking to the packed house about his own career, Michael took a seat and brought out a cello for the next tune. Written by Michael himself, the short instrumental sounded as if it was right out of a crime drama film.  


Providing the soulful country-ish vocals, Michaels voice created a nice blend with Kevin’s more rough, late 90’s alternative rock sound.  Michael and Kevin would both switch instruments through the night, with Michael playing guitar and cello, while Kevin covered guitar and the djembe.  


Introducing the track ‘Beneath Perfection’, Kevin gave the crowd a quick story behind the song’s title.  Written in the 90’s, the title refers to the original title of the film Tremors, which starred Bacon.  He was hoping it would be included in the film and become a hit song.  Unfortunately for him, the title changed and the song never made it in!

Finishing up the main set, Kevin introduced the next song and accompanying video for ‘Boys In Bars’. Written in the 90’s, the video shows both Kevin and Michael in their younger days. The brothers were originally reluctant to include the video in their sets as it really showed their age!  A short encore would follow, which included the Tom Petty cover ‘Don’t Do Me Like That’.

The Bacon Brothers tour continues on well through summer.


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