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The Amity Affliction  Rock A Sold Out Show At The Underground

As The Misery Will Find You Tour Makes A Stop In Charlotte

The weather may have been a bit chilly this past Wednesday evening but fans were certainly reminded of summer as The Misery Will Find You Tour hit the Queen City bringing a full lineup of Vans Warped Tour alumni to the Underground.


One of this winter’s hottest tickets had fans lined up hours prior to show time as they waited for doors to open and the chance to snag a treasured spot at the barricade. The sold out show featured The Amity Affliction and Senses Fail along with Silent Planet and Belmont.


Once inside the venue, I walked around checking out the various merch tables and what fans were lining up to buy. I always love checking out the variety of band shirts that people wear and accessories that are proudly out on display. People were still filing in as the first act of the evening hit the stage.


Belmont is a pop punk band hailing from the great city of Chicago and this ast summer just released their first full length album, Belmont, on the Mutant League label.


Led by charismatic frontman Taz Johnson, the band put on a short but very sweet set. Their music was full of catchy melodies and crunching riffs and the early crowd, many of which had never seen Belmont before, seemed pleased with what they heard


Drummer Brian Lada was a force behind the kit, driving the pace along with bassist Alex Wieringa.


Guitarist Sam Patt ripped off some serious leads while Johnson spun, jumped, and ran all over the stage. It was a fun set that gave a nice kick start to the evening.


What would prove to be the heaviest set of the evening came next as the California metalcore madness of Silent Planet took over the Underground. The band drew a legion of fans that moshed and head banged throughout their set.


Lead vocalist Garrett Russell was a whirling dervish as his bare feet slid across the stage, one moment jumping, the next crouching, as he engaged the crowd every chance he got.


The band sounded fierce with the blasting thunder courtesy of drummer Alex Camarena and grooving bass lines of Thomas Freckleton. Guitarist Mitchell Stark was a force of speed and fury as the metal riffage kept coming.


Russell spoke to the crowd about bigotry and racism  and how we could all make a difference and be an instrument of change. Their set was intense and by the time they were finished, the entire venue was wore out and in need of a quick break.


Next up to bat was Senses Fail. They are often categorized as post-hardcore or emo but the only thing that really matters is that they rock, plain and simple. The band is full of emotional intensity with plenty of heavy influence as well as melodic choruses and vocals that soar, pulling on your heartstrings.


Lead vocalist Buddy Nielsen is an amazing vocalist and an outstanding performer. I don’t think he stood still for more than a few seconds the entire set. He was twisting, turning, jumping, and posing all while filling the venue with his amazing vocal sounds.


I especially enjoyed his skills with the microphone as he shot his mic out toward the audience, catching it at will throughout the evening. Last February, the band released their seventh studio album If There Is Light, It Will Find You, and after seeing their performance it not only is a great album title but a great way to describe the band.


Their set was all about positivity and when a fan down in front got a bit out of control attempting to fight with those around him as well as security, Nielsen took about a five minute break to address the situation and calm things down. It was done with much love and respect for everyone in attendance and made me fall in love with Senses Fail all over again.


The crowd surfing was going on in earnest even during the slower songs and fans were excited, having an absolutely great time. It was a perfect addition to the night’s entertainment and I urge you to check out the band live if you have not done so yet.


After a short break, it was finally time for The Amity Affliction to make their appearance. More and more fans squeezed up front near the barricade including a teenage fan and her younger sibling, who had been waiting all night for Amity to play. The band has gone through some changes this year as they released their sixth studio album Misery in August. It was the first album without drummer Ryan Burt who departed the band back in February and is also the first album that has quite a few electronic elements thrown into the mix. About a week ago, frontman Joel Birch mad headline music news when he confronted a fan who was wearing a Trump jersey at their Brooklyn Bowl show.


Fortunately, the evening’s set went smoothly and fans were treated to a fantastic show which was exactly what they were there to see. The light show was dazzling as the band got things started. I saw the band this past summer on the Vans Warped Tour and they are just getting better and better as time goes by. Their metalcore background keeps their sound heavy but their melodic elements give them a broader appeal. Bassist and vocalist Ahren Stringer is always fun to watch and his vocals provide a brilliant dichotomy to those of Birch, giving them a duality that is unmatched in the metalcore world. The tour may be labeled as Misery Will Find You but the band brought nothing but happiness to the fans with an outstanding performance. The vibe was electric, full of highs and lows, with both the band and the audience taking that rollercoaster ride of emotion together as one.


Misery may find you wherever you go, but music can be your escape. Make sure to check out all these terrific bands when the Misery Will Find You Tour hits a city near you.


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