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Texas Born Snarky Puppy Dazzles in Return Home

Texas Born Snarky Puppy Dazzles in Return Home

As soon as the doors opened for the Bomb Factory, a rush of excitement filled the air.  3,000 + fans filled into popular Deep Ellum venue for a night of dancing, grooving, and a little bit of rocking out.  For those not familiar, Snarky Puppy’s musical ability has no boundaries.


Taking influence from diverse genres and musicians from many different backgrounds to create a powerhouse fusion band, Snarky Puppy has sold out venues all across the globe.  This is the type of show that demands your attention, not the one where you hang with your buddies at the bar in the back.


Before getting to the main event, fellow GroundUP label mate (founded by Snarky Puppy themselves) Becca Stevens took the stage.  With a haunting, yet soothing voice, Stevens blend of jazz and folk rock seemed to sit well with the audience. Accompanied with her ukulele and guitar, she weaved her way through a short opening set along with her backing band.  It was clear right from the get-go that there would be no shortage of talent in the room this evening.


Covering tunes from her latest release, Regina, she showcased her ability not only as a performer but as a songwriter as well.  


Drawing influence from Queen, the track “Mercury” featured Michael League and Mike Maher of Snarky Puppy on guitar and backing vocals.  The short but satisfying set would be a nice intro to the evening.


As you would expect from a group as versatile as Snarky Puppy, the crowd was just as diverse.  It seemed as if fans from every genre of music gathered together for one night. Talented instrumentalists along with precise and complex tunes took charge throughout the evening.   


The band’s mannerisms and quips, especially from band leader/bassist Michael League showed that this wasn’t just another show on the list to them, but a completely new show on its own.  “Sing along to this one,” joked League before kicking into the fan favorite “Thing of Gold”, like all others, a song with no vocals!


The set began with four straight numbers off their most recent release  Culcha Vulcha, the 2016 Grammy winner for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album.  The ensemble would improvise throughout the evening with each member getting a chance to solo.  Everything from dark and dirty funk sections to soaring uplifting sections, the creativity on display was top notch and plentiful.  


League took a few minutes to discuss going to school 40 miles up the road in Denton, TX and playing in various venues around the Dallas area over the years.  League formed the band in 2004 in Denton, TX. Many of the band members also studied alongside League at the University of North Texas. League thanked everyone for the support throughout the years.  


The second half of the set featured their more popular numbers such as the aforementioned “Thing of Gold’”, “What About Me?” and the set closer “Shofukan”. Guitarist Mark Lettieri showcased his versatility during a solo in“What About Me?”  


The Fort Worth native ripped through a twangy country solo that got the room moving. It was a nice change of pace after the more jazzy and funky solos earlier in the set. After a brief encore, the band closed up the show with the 2012 number ‘Quarter Master’.



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