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Ted Nugent Puts a “Stranglehold” on South Carolina

The Music Made Me Do It Again! Tour Hits Simpsonville

American Shitkickers united at CCNB Ampitheatre at Heritage Park as the Motor City Madman himself, Ted Nugent, came to town. The legendary guitarist is out on a summer tour, playing real rock and roll for hard-working Americans everywhere. Ted got his start in rock playing lead guitar for The Amboy Dukes way back in 1965 before embarking on a successful solo career of his own.  Ted was also a part of the supergroup Damn Yankees in the early 90s and is an author, avid hunter, and political activist. At age 70, he is still going strong and the crowd at CCNB was pumped up and ready to rock. 


The curtain at the rear of the stage was emblazoned with a caricature of Ted with his middle finger in the air, riding on a giant middle finger. There were also middle fingers on the curtain atop the amps. Let’s just say there were a lot of middle fingers and as The Nuge is not one to keep his opinions to himself, it was bound to be an interesting show.


Joining him on stage is bass guitarist Greg Smith and drummer Jason Hartless. Opening up the evening with his monster tune “Stranglehold,” the crowd was up and on their feet for this classic rock tune. It’s a long song and Ted’s guitar work is pretty much rock god territory on this one. We were off and running at the speed of light as Nugent shredded away.


Drummer Hartless was situated in the middle of the stage with a partial plexiglass partition surrounding him while Smith mostly stayed by his mic. Ted rocked and rolled the crowd through a string of his hits, stopping at times to chat and introduce a song. If you’re a fan of The Nuge, then it’s no secret where his political affiliations lie.


He is a proud, gun-owning American who believes staunchly in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Ted paid homage to his wife and daughter before “Queen of the Forest,” asking if there were any female hunters in the audience. Before he delved into “Free -For-All” Nugent got the crowd fired up saying he didn’t want things for free and happened to mention a certain politician by the name of Pelosi. 


Smith took over vocals for “Hey Baby” as Nugent acknowledged the influences of Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley. One thing for sure is Ted didn’t miss a beat.


His guitar, Blackie, was on fire and it was clear that Ted hadn’t lost any of his technical prowess. As the evening went on with lightning lighting up the sky not that far away, The Nuge provided fireworks of his own with a show that had Simpsonville begging for more. Plus, who can else can close a show with “The Star-Spangled Banner?” My bet is only The Nuge.


Regardless of where you stand politically, the Music Made Me Do It Again Tour is your chance to see one of the legends of rock and roll still kicking ass and taking  names.


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Ted Nugent Setlist Heritage Park Amphitheater, Simpsonville, SC, USA 2019, The Music Made Me Do It Again! 2019 U.S. Tour

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