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Ted Nugent & Co. make a stop in NY

The Motor City Madman takes on The Paramount

Most people can relate to having at least one wild relative in the family, even if they are not blood related. So when Uncle Teddy comes to town it is time to gather for some good times and great music. And that is just what Ted Nugent’s fan base did on Wednesday night in Huntington, NY at The Paramount. His fanbase affectionately refer to Nugent as Uncle Teddy, and the gathering of a dominantly male crowd filled the venue to nearly full capacity on this evening.


Nugent had an energized act warming up the crowd for him, a trio led by Derek Day. Day is a native Californian and got his start as a street musician where he honed his craft of being an all-around entertainer. He and the band were really tight and played mostly his original tunes, such as “The Radicals,” “Attached,” and “Another Day.” They also played their own rendition of the Elton John classic, “Bennie and the Jets,” which had quite a few audience members singing along. As they played song after song the floor was steadily filling up, and after each song they received lots of cheering from the crowd. They were an act perfectly matched up for this night.


As soon as Day was done with his set, curtains covered the stage, and good classic rock was piped out over the PA system. Before long smoke was bellowing out from under the curtain and as this just became visible the house lights went dim. The sound of Uncle Teddy’s guitar could be heard and swiftly the curtains opened to reveal the Motor City Madman in a plume of smoke shredding away on his guitar. Accompanying Nugent was Greg Smith (bass, backing vocals) and Jason Hartless (drums) and they kicked off the night with “The Star-Spangled Banner.”


Nugent briefly spoke between “Baby, Please Don’t Go,” “Gonzo,” and “Paralyzed,” but then he took some extra time to say, “Every day is the greatest day, I hope you are having the greatest day yourselves! This is the greatest show, you are the greatest audience, this is the greatest summer! I hope this is your greatest summer too!” He went on to say, “I love this, I’ve loved this for the last fifty-five years of my life! This is my six thousand six hundred and twenty first concert!” Undoubtedly that was met with deafening cheers from his fans.


He continued to play “Free-For-All,” “Good Friends and a Bottle of Wine,” and introduced his band mates during “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang,” allowing them to shine with solos of their own; then said, “Check out these organic guitar playing fingers” as he began to take on an incredible solo himself during the song. Taking a breather after all that excitement, Nugent took a few more moments to talk, “Thank you very much Long Island!” He then went on to say, “I understand you all have a deer problem around here, in my parts the deer have a Ted problem!” He then went on to share how they take down so many deer they share the meat with “our heroes in the military.” He then went on to thank every division of the military, and after each thanking, the fans in the crowd were cheering like mad.


Getting back to the music, Smith took on the lead vocals for “Need You Bad.” Then after “Hey Baby” and “Fred Bear” came a moment that had the crowd go wild, with the first few notes of “Cat Scratch Fever” the audience was in the palm of Uncle Teddy’s hands. The next song was also a huge crowd pleaser, the classic “Stranglehold.” Before saying good night, Nugent gave thanks again and had a political opinion or two but his fans were right with him and he felt even more thankful that they agreed with his views, they then ended the night with “The Great White Buffalo.”


Nugent put on a great show; he had tons of energy, and every guitar lick was precise and on point. He was accompanied by two stellar musicians, and with the volume on ten his fans were completely satisfied and could not have asked for more. His tour continues only till the end of this month but knowing how much he loves what he does you can rest assured he will be out on tour again really soon.

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