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Taking It Back In The Day with ReverbNation Artist Eryn and Her New EP

ReverbNation Artist  Eryn

By: Shumara Thomas

Everyone loves a good throwback. Whether it’s a reference to an old film, a funny joke or a classic song that plays right on time, we tend to look fondly on reminiscing on the good ole days. Music can transport you to an old feeling or an older era, and Reverbnation artist Eryn, formerly known as Eryn Shewell, figured out how to accomplish both in perfect pitch.

I feel like she’s family since she’s from Maryland too but she’s made New Jersey her home base. It’s also where she’s surrounded herself with an army of kickass musicians to enlist and support her newest EP, Lady E.

Eryn is a walking vibe. Visually she is a glamorous woman, with a pin-up style and clearly comfortable in her own skin. It’s always refreshing to see a singer that looks like she’ll share a song and a story with you, down-to-earth and authentic. Her voice matches her self-proclaimed “retro-pop” package. Think Fiona Apple or Portishead in a 90s jazz club. But please don’t think it’s a gimmick. Her song “Don’t You See,” off her sophomore album, 4th & Broadway, just shows you how authentic and talented this woman has always been. That song, the production on it is so emotional from the horns to the piano and the lyrics. It’s easy to see how Eryn became the youngest inductee into the New Jersey Blues Hall of Fame in 2016. She’s a great mix of jazz, pop, soul, blues, and some country thrown in there for good measure.

With her Lady E EP, she’s embarking on a new musical road. She’s added an equally talented husband, Matt O’Ree, to her life and dropped the “Shewell” from her name, now  just going by Eryn. Musically, it’s more of the good stuff that we enjoy but she assembled a hard hitting team to pitch in.


The first single “Hallelujah You’re Gone” is a fun bluesy funk number that celebrates cutting your losses and ties for something better down the road. It’s a brassy mixture that suits Eryn’s style of voice perfectly.  With lyrics like “I threw down the deck and picked up an ace/ and fell into the hands of grace” this song feels like a rallying cry for Eryn. It’s all about shedding the past and embracing the new, something Eryn has done both personally and professionally this go round. The video is straight up girl power with Eryn and other women just having a good time and celebrating life. It also doesn’t hurt that Eryn can sing her butt off and is perfectly at home singing the blues.

I think the other notable track is “The You Missing From Me.” It’s easy to get caught up in the fact that David Bryan of Bon Jovi wrote the song for her because let’s keep it real, that’s a pretty big deal. I mean, I did already mention that this woman surrounds herself with some heavy hitters. Eryn even said that just hearing the demo of the song made her cry. It’s a beautifully stripped song that would make current listeners instinctively think of Adele since she’s made these sort of bared naked ballads popular as of late. It’s a beautiful tune, beautifully written and Eryn performs is masterfully.

My personal favorite out of the 6-track EP is “Running Red Lights.”  This song epitomizes what I mean by her throwback vibe. It’s clear she borrows from the Motown-era on this one. The Temptations breathed life all into it and Eryn’s own individual voice just puts a unique sort of spin on it. Regardless it makes you start shoop-shooping and two-stepping all over the dance floor, and it’s a perfectly fitting example of how this is simply who Eryn is. Not trying or a forced conceived persona. She is class act and more than deserves a few spins on your spotify playlist. Download Lady E and be sure to catch Eryn on her “On The Edge of Now or Never” tour at the dates below!

Tour Dates: 

Sat, FEB 09     Pollak Theater    West Long Branch, NJ

Wed, FEB 13   Sofar NYC          New York, NY

Thu, FEB 14    The Cassidy – Bar Kitchen   Maplewood, NJ

Fri, FEB 15     Sofitel Washington DC      Washington, DC

Sat, FEB 16   John & Peter’s Place     New Hope, PA

Sun, FEB 17  Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten  Asbury Park, NJ

Sat, FEB 23  Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant  Long Branch, NJ

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