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Surya Delivers a Crushing Blow With Latest Single “Crows”

The Leeds Based Metalcore Band Is Clearly On The Rise

Throughout history people have often been fearful of crows, fearing that they bring bad luck or seeing them as a symbol of death. The reality though is that as far back as Greek mythology, crows are actually a sign of good luck and prophecy, quite often seen as the embodiment of the magic of life. In the case of the Leeds based metalcore band, Surya crows are a positive force indeed as their newest single “Crows” is a crushing tune that sets the band apart from the crowd. 

Surya does not fit neatly into any musical box, pushing the boundaries of metalcore with thoughtful lyrics that reflect the state of the world and all its flaws and the addition of synths that serve the music both melodically and ambiently. Metal fans needn’t worry though as the thundering rhythms of drummer Nikhil Johnson and bass guitarist Ben Dickinson pack enough of a punch to leave your bones rattling. Guitarists Joseph Morrison and Tom Wiseman provide the earth-shattering riffs and blistering leads while the power of vocalist David Hutchinson will make your hair stand up. 

Of course, there’s no better way to experience their music than at a live performance. Surya will bring the heat each and every time they hit the stage, wowing the crowd with their technical wizardry, top-notch songs, and boundless energy that would make even the Energizer bunny turn around and take notice. Shutter 16 had the opportunity to chat with vocalist David Hutchinson and guitarist Joseph Morrison to get the inside info on the track “Crows” and what’s next for Surya. You can listen to our interview in full below. 

Surya are:

David Hutchinson – Lead Vocals

Joseph Morrison- Guitar/Backing vocals

Tom Wiseman-Guitar

Ben Dickinson-Bass

Nikhil Johnson-Drums

You can catch the band next on Saturday, February 9th at the fight Like They Have metal festival which is a fundraiser for the Velindre Cancer Centre. So come on out and rock for a good cause! Details can be found here

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