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Stone Temple Pilots Pay Homage To Their Legacy at Sherman Theater

Stone Temple Pilots Pay Homage To Their Legacy

Stone Temple Pilots, or STP to some chummier than others, are no strangers to adversity and tragedy. No band has overcome such obstacles quite like they have. STP are a staple of 90’s music, even in 2018, and the Grammy award winning rock band are legends in the Hard Rock world – now they return once again to prove they still got it.

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Over the past 25 years they have rocked crowds far and wide, and are known as one of the top selling bands of the 1990’s. Founding members Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo, and Eric Kretz have returned with a reborn version of the band, the group’s new singer Jeff Gutt, who the band introduced this past November and has some big shoes to fill. Gutt himself is a veteran of the Detroit music scene and formerly a contestant on the music competition show The X-Factor. Jeff Gutt is said to have beat out over 15,000 other hopefuls to fill the lead singer spot and carry on the legacy of the band’s late frontman Scott Weiland who passed away in 2015 and later frontman Chester Bennington who we lost last summer.

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On March 16th this year, Stone Temple Pilots released their first album in eight years and the very first with new frontman Jeff Gutt. The self-titled album spans 12 tracks and is an album that honors the bands legacy by moving forward with these songs. To coincide with the album release the band announced a Spring U.S tour, which began in March. Though the tour began in March, it’s still winding through the country, and many fans are getting their chance to see the band for the first time in nearly two years and is one of the first glimpses into the future of STP.

This lead us out to The Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA. We, like many fans, were eager to hear Jeff Gutt and see the original members back up on stage rocking out, after being out on the road for over a month we were hoping the band was not only back but running on all cylinders.

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I arrived to the Sherman and made my way in as the band was set to be on stage at 9pm.

As we waited for Stone Temple Pilots to hit the stage, the crowd anxiously chanted “STP! STP! STP! ” Blue lights illuminated the stage, and moments later a classical instrumental began and the band walked out with bassist Robert DeLeo saluting the crowd. Singer Jeff Gutt strolled out sunglasses and leather jacket ready to rock on stage.

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The group began playing “Wicked Garden” and right away the crowd shouted in approval of Gutt. STP came rocking heavy and hard right from the get go like they never even took time off. The band’s lighting throughout their set varies between blues, red, pinks with tons of LED lights surrounding the stage.

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Guitarist Dean DeLeo moves around the stage as flawlessly as he has for the last 20 plus years, that goes for bassist Robert DeLeo and drummer Eric Kretz as well. Frontman Jeff Gutt breathes new life into the band and what I appreciated most is he doesn’t try to be either of the previous singer’s, he is completely himself. The group played a ton of classic material like “Vasoline”, “Plush”, “Interstate Love Song” and even some new material like “Middle of Nowhere”, “Meadow” and “Roll Me Under”. The guys are very interactive with the crowd and they just look like they’re having a blast up there.

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Midway through the set brothers Dean DeLeo and Robert DeLeo reminisce how they’re from New Jersey and spent many days in the Poconos, which is right near the venue. As a surprise, the band brought out guest singer Jimmy Gnecco, who you may know from the band Ours, for the song “Big Empty”. The two vocalists traded parts back and forth throughout the track, bring the track we all love to a larger, more exciting stage. The group then thanked the crowd for coming to their party, and you can truly feel the band’s appreciation for the fans who have stuff by them through nearly everything possible.

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STP’s set clocked in around 90 minutes and is worth watching the entire show. The show consisted of 20 songs both old and new with a ton of nostalgia to boot. I have to say I was skeptical if someone besides Chester could do justice to these songs, but man oh man is Jeff Gutt not only a blast to watch perform, he also fits these songs perfectly. I have zero doubt in my mind that Chester and Scott are watching from above and are damn proud of this latest incarnation of Stone Temple Pilots. If you’re a skeptic like I was, don’t be! It’s a damn good rock show, no flashy pyro or screens just musicians and their instruments playing some good old rock n’ roll.

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There really is no excuse not to catch the boys live they will be hitting a bunch of U.S cities through the month of May, including a stop on the MMR BBQ in New Jersey. They will then head out on the Revolution 3 Tour with Bush and The Cult. For more info checkout the bands official website HERE, and checkout all the band’s upcoming tour dates below.

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