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Stone Sour Make Sparks Fly In Pennsylvania

Stone Sour Live At the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA

Stone Sour (Roadrunner Records) are one of the most explosive, teeth shattering hard rock bands on the planet. The band featuring frontman Corey Taylor who is also known for being the vocalist of heavy metal giants Slipknot, guitarist Josh Rand, guitarist Christian Martucci, bassist Johny Chow and drummer Roy Mayorga are back out on the road supporting their latest release Hydrograd, which was released June of 2017.

Stone Sour 33

Hydrograd, led by the albums singles “YSIF”, “Song #3”, and “Fabuless”, marks the return to the top of the rock world for Stone Sour. It’s not that their newest effort is the breakout success for the band, as the group’s previous five albums have spawned over 2 million album sales and nine top ten mainstream rock singles. The boys have even earned three Grammy nominations, but with Hydrograd the guys have put together a supercharged sound and dipped a bit into uncharted territory. Last year, the band celebrated its 25th anniversary since formation and have proved they don’t plan on slowing down on bit. Corey Taylor and company are currently out touring once again after successful tours with Korn and The Pretty Reckless among numerous past and upcoming festival appearances, this time joining them on the road is Palaye Royale & ‘68.  


‘68 is an American Punk duo who formed in 2013. The two-piece features drummer Nikko Yamada and singer/guitarist Josh Scogin who is formerly of the hardcore band The Chariot and also the founder and vocalist for Norma Jean. In 2014 the duo released their debut album In Humor and Sadness; now the band is back in support of their newest album Two Parts Viperwhich was released in 2017. These guys are known for delivering a performance you would see out of a six piece metal band just with some drum bashing and howling guitar wielding, their sound loud and in your face. Check out their latest offering HERE.

Palaye Royale 11

Palaye Royale is a three piece fashion art rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada. The group consisting of Emerson Barret, Sebastian Danzig, and Remington Leith are quite eccentric band. The band was noticed by their now label Sumerian Records and in 2016 the group released their debut album Boom Boom Boomwhich is available HERE. Fresh off an appearance at 2018’s Carolina Rebellion Festival and being named The Hottest Band Of 2018 by Kerrang the guys now are aiming to bring their unique sound and style to Stone Sour’s fanbase.


There has just been something about 2018; so many great tours and festival line ups which has really made covering shows a blast thus far. This show is no different Stone Sour has embarked on a small American tour in between some festivals and before heading overseas, so I was of course ecstatic to learn of a semi-local tour date in East Stroudsburg, PA at the one of a kind Sherman Theater. Corey Taylor and Stone Sour always put on a killer performance but I was excited to catch some new bands (new to me at least).

As I arrived to the Sherman on a rainy night in Pennsylvania, the crowd awaited doors to open with the line stretched down the city’s main strip. The crowd filled with men, women, and children of all ages. I made my way inside to have some fun.

Stone Sour 22

First up was the duo of ‘68 they took to the stage both guitarist Josh Scogin and drummer Nikko Yamada who would be facing each other most set and only facing the crowd during key moments. The band is highly energetic and makes it a point to move relentlessly throughout the set even when Yamada isn’t drumming he is standing or gesturing to Josh in some way. The lighting is a red and yellow/white light throughout the set. Singer/guitarist Scogin doesn’t speak very much throughout the set but rather lifts his guitar to reveal a sign that says THANKS. The packed crowd was loving every minute of ‘68’s set between the humor and the performance itself they make one hell of an opener, Scogin even at one point launches his guitar high into the air not once, not twice but three times. The band sounds great live and the crowd certainly approved, I expect to hear a lot more from these guy’s in the near future.

Palaye Royale 4

Next up around 8:15 p.m. was Palaye Royale, I’ve heard a ton of good things about these guys and was looking forward to their set especially after hearing how they crushed it at Carolina Rebellion day’s prior. Royale hit the stage and from the very first note they had the audience screaming. The band’s performance is high energy and borderline chaotic at points, every member is a blast to watch onstage.

Palaye Royale 6

The setlist included fan favorites like “Higher”, “Wasted” and “How Do You Do?”, Palaye have their own unique sound and pull it off great live, the guitarist and singer Remington Leith have an insane ability to connect with the crowd and the fans give it right back.

Palaye Royale 12

These guys are a can’t miss and lucky for you if you miss them with Stone Sour, you can catch them this summer on the Vans Warped Tour!

Stone Sour 34

The final performance of the night would be the always incredible Stone SourCorey Taylor and company hit the stage at 9:30 on the dot. The lights dimmed and music began as lights stretched across the back of the stage flashed red and blue. As the band made their way to the stage one by one, finally Taylor took to his riser and as he began the first song of the night sparks began to fly from all over the stage.

Stone Sour 41

The second song of the set was “Absolute Zero”, in which Taylor sprays water from his bottle all over the crowd and the band is in full effect like they have been waiting day’s for this show. The crowd roared and sang every word religiously. Before going into the third song of the night vocalist Corey Taylor greeted the crowd with a joker like smile, saying “It’s so damn good to be back in Pennsylvania,” he also made it a point to welcome with an introduction the bands guitarist Josh Rand who took some time off to handle some personal things. During “Knievel Has Landed” Corey walked to the side of the stage and when he returned it was with a confetti blaster in hand which he then fired multiple confetti shots into the crowd.

Stone Sour 25

Stone Sour played for about 90 minutes and it’s never a dull moment. The lighting is some of the absolute best I’ve seen and certainly the best I’ve seen at the Sherman. Taylor as always is full of energy and vocally on point as usual. The fourteen song set included hit’s like “Say You’ll Haunt Me”, “Song #3”, “Through Glass” and “Bother” in which the crowd echoed the songs chorus in almost perfect harmony. If you witnessed this in person, it’s amazing and it always gives me chills. The band also played two encores “RU486” and “Fabuless”. Stone Sour was as good as ever and you can’t go wrong catching them live, tons of singing along, great crowds and killer musicians. Don’t miss them if they come your way!

Stone Sour 23

Stone Sour will be finishing up this U.S run at the end of May, capping off the tour with an appearance at Rock On The Range. No fear there will be plenty of chances to catch the guy’s live, on June 1st they begin their run in Europe and this fall you can catch them opening Ozzy Osbourne’s No More Tours 2. Checkout the full list of tour dates below and visit the bands official website HERE for more details.

Stone Sour 38

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