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Stay At Home Music To Eat, Drink, and Cook To

Since most of the world has been staying at home for the last month or so due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are getting back in the kitchen as a way to stay sane and pass the time. Some of us have channeled our inner chef and are busy cooking and baking up a storm while others are busy on the other end of things-happily chowing down, eating, and drinking all the crazy concoctions coming out of our kitchens these days.  

As minutes seem like hours and hours seem like days, you may find your schedule a bit out of whack. One thing I’ve learned is to go with the flow. So I think nothing of grilling up a fat, juicy New York Strip at 10 am or having a pint of Ben & Jerry’s for dinner. Rules? There are no rules in the kitchen anymore and although I don’t enjoy cooking, living with my family of big eaters has pushed me into the role. What keeps me going through the prepping, cooking, and cleaning up is listening to some fantastic tunes along the way. I mean, music makes everything better. So, I have compiled a list of tunes for you to jam to while you amaze everyone with culinary treats. Ok, so the songs really don’t have much to do with cooking or eating but these were the tunes that came to mind. Stay home, get in the kitchen, and crank it up!

“Brown Sugar” The Rolling Stones

“Pork and Beans” Weezer

“Red Red Wine”  UB40

“Ice Cream Man”  Van Halen

“TV Dinners” ZZ Top

“Rock Lobster” The B-52’s

“Peaches” Presidents of the United States of America

“The Lemon Song” Led Zeppelin

“One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” George Thorogood

“Cherry Pie”  Warrant

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