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Springbrooke Bring Tried and True To Life With Heartrending New Video “End of the Line”

What exactly does it mean to be tried and true? It’s a fairly simple concept really. It means dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. It’s something that holds intrinsic value and has stood the test of time. It might be your great grandmother’s recipe for apple pie that has been passed down from one generation to the next, the pie of all pies, the one that never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face at family get-togethers. Perhaps, it’s your father’s method of patching a hole in the roof. The insurance companies and professional roofers may scoff at his way of doing it, but dad’s patches never, ever leaked. Maybe it’s even your favorite pair of jeans. You know the pair I’m talking about, the jeans that have seen the best of times and the worst of times and still are the most comfortable pair of pants in your closet. All of these things are tried and true. For five musicians in Pennsylvania that came together to form the band Springbrooke, the definition has come to define their brand of music. 

Formed in Bucks County, PA in 2017, the band is a great blend of roots-based, blue-collar music that defies fitting neatly into any category or genre. Springbrooke definitely has all the makings of an outlaw country band but there’s more to them than that. For every drop of country, you’ll need to add an ounce of rock and roll, an equal portion of the blues, and even a dash of pop and Top 40 thrown into the mix. The musicianship in the band is second to none with the rhythm section of drummer Jerry Galanti and Matthew Amend on bass holding the line as Sean Clement and Chris Conner handle not only guitar but also mandolin and lapsteel. All of these elements come together in their songs with the passionate vocals of Ryan Williams breathing life into them and making the stories come alive through his emotion-packed delivery. The result is a debut album of classic and ageless songs that everyone can relate to, Tried & True. 

Springbrooke’s newest single and video for “End of the Line” tells the heartbreaking story of a man on the verge of suicide. Both poignant and powerful, the video will have you holding your breath until the very last moment. If you’re searching for something tried and true in your life, why not check out Springbrooke and find out what they’re all about. 

 Shutter 16 had the opportunity to chat with Ryan about the video and catch up on everything that Springbrooke has been up to. You can listen to our interview in full below. 

Springbrooke is:

Ryan Williams- Lead Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica

Matthew Amend- Bass, Backing Vocals

Jerry Galanti- Drums

Sean Clement- Guitar, Mandolin

Chris Conner-LapSteel, Guitar

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