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Spaceface Kicks Off Their East Coast Tour at God Save the Queen City Festival in Charlotte

Spaceface Kicks Off Their East Coast Tour at God Save the Queen City Festival in Charlotte

Our friends from Spaceface asked us to come out and join them for their first show on their East Coast Tour at the God Save the Queen City Music Festival. The festival has been running since 2011, and the original goal was to get the best musical talent under one roof in Charlotte, NC. Sponsored by INK FLOYD, local screenprinters, the festival made its way back to NoDa this year to the Neighborhood Theatre. Night one was going to feature Faye, Daddy Issues, Spaceface, JEFF the Brotherhood, and Diarrhea Planet. Tennessee was well represented in this first night as all the bands were from Nashville or Memphis, with the exception of locals Faye.

Faye (3)
On Faye’s website, they say, “ We pick up instruments. We play music.” Yes they do. Keeping it simple, and doing their thing, three ladies brought back the 90s style, taking me back to some grungy Kobain guitar riffs and showing their skills at GSQCMF. I would like to check them out again at some point because I think there is some real potential there.

Daddy issues (13)

First up on the main stage was Daddy Issues. Daddy Issues is a three woman band from Nashville consisting of guitarist/singer Jenna Moynihan, bassist Jenna Mitchell, and drummer Emily Maxwell.

Daddy issues (12)

The two Jenna’s were separated out on stage right and left while Emily was down center stage behind her kit.

Daddy issues (4)

When they let loose, the ladies play a brand of music that the Runaways and Nirvana would be proud of. I would really enjoy seeing them just close their eyes, kick down the mic stands, got for it, and see what comes from it.

Spaceface (6)

If John, Paul, Yoko, and Bowie had a lovechild, Spaceface would be born, and I have a feeling the only babysitter who could handle the intergalactic infant would be Perry Farrell. Their music took me to a dreamlike world where there was nothing but green fields of tall grass, sunshine, and the remnants of dandelions drifting through the air like a blizzard of goodness. Spaceface released their first full length album, Sun Kids, in April and launched their tour out west a few months ago.

The band was asked to play two sets, and I had a chance to talk to Eric Martin after their initial set and he told me, “We have never been asked to play two split sets like this before.”

Spaceface (10)

They were to play a set, then JEFF the Brotherhood would play a set, then Spaceface would play a second set. The band brings some star power with singer/guitar player Jake Ingalls who also plays with The Flaming Lips.

Spaceface (19)
The vocals of Jake Ingalls and Eric Martin were out of this world, and their guitar playing compliments one another. Peter Armstrong (keys), Matthew Strong (bass), and the newest member of the band Miles Young (drums) hold down the rhythm section and bring that extraterrestrial mood that makes the band unique. Ingalls shuffled across the stage barefoot as he maneuvered his effects pedals with his big toe. Engaging in totality, Jake’s black guitar, with mirrors reflecting light like a shooting star, responded to his fingers at every strum.

Spaceface (16)

As the music was played, Daniel Quinlan was in charge of the curtains of light that rained down illumination on the band as the grooved. The guys played songs from their Spaceface EP, Sun Kids, and a number of cover tunes. Someone in the band likes Bowie for sure. They also played a psychedelic version of “War Pigs” that Ozzy and the boys would appreciate. They even brought out a parachute and had the crowd take it up high and down low as people ran back and forth underneath before being trapped for all eternity in the abyss. Hanging out on the street after the show, Miles, Matthew and I had a chance to chat. They let me know they will be on the road for the next few weeks touring in the east with a few more stops in North Carolina. There is still a chance to catch these guys locally in Chapel Hill, Raleigh at Hopscotch, and Asheville before they head back out west. I can picture myself rolling down the road while listening to Sun Kids and taking a journey at lightspeed around Mars, out through the rings of Saturn, and back by Venus before reentering the Earth’s atmosphere and landing at my destination.

Jeff the Brotherhood (3)

JEFF The Brotherhood is a stripped down two man band from Nashville. Of course, no one is named Jeff in the band. Brothers, Jamin and Jake are road warriors, taking their hard driving sound all over the country.

Jeff the Brotherhood (1)

They bring a 70s Heavy Metal and 90s grunge vibe to their shows. There is nothing like some hot, fuzzy, phased out guitar licks and smashing drum heads to get your neck bobbing. Keeping it simple, JEFF the Brotherhood rocked the crowd.

Diahhrea Planet (12)
As Diarrhea Planet hit the stage, I had to ask myself WTF am I seeing? I saw it and I am still not sure. 4 guitars strong, they lined up across the entire stage, and from the first note, it was on. Controlled, out of control. They brought a pop, punk, rock smash mouth style that kicked off a mosh pit second to none.  

Diahhrea Planet (9)

The entire band was singing and playing and interacting with the crowd. I am not sure I have ever seen so many guitar players on their knees playing up Jimi style.

Diahhrea Planet (8)

A plethora of 2:30 songs and a crowd who knew every note made for a great closer for the evening. In true Diarrhea ambush style, they transitioned from The Stooges to Tears for Fears and shut the place down with “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” I still don’t know what I saw, but for some reason, I think I kind of liked it.

See full gallery of the night by Jimmy Warsham.

Liza Cox was also at God Save the Queen Music Festival to grab some stellar images – check out her gallery of the night!

God Save the Queen City-78

God Save the Queen City-238

God Save the Queen City-48

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