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Sondag Delves Into New Musical Territory With Latest Single “Half”

As Italian Metal Quartet Taps Into Something Special

 In a broad sense, evolution is necessary for the survival of any species. Without the ability to adapt to your environment and an ever-changing world, humankind would be no more. For most artists, evolution is also important albeit in very different ways. Musicians who continue to think outside of the box often spark bouts of musical creativity, coming up with new ideas for their art in ways that never occurred to them before. In the city of Piacenza in Northern Italy, the metal band Sondag is doing just that. 

Since its inception in 2015 and subsequent signing to Manifest records, Sondag has been a driving force in the Italian metal scene. The band is known for their heavy and aggressive sounds which can be heard on both their debut album Bright Things and their sophomore follow up Stick to the Plan. “Half” takes things up a notch with the introduction of synthesizers and electronic elements providing a lush background for the wailing metal guitars. Guitarist Marcello Lega explains the changes the band felt necessary with “Half,” We are going through a turning process in our songwriting.”Half” marks the turning point of the songwriting process, marking a darker and less “rock” style than what Stick To The Plan has been.” Lyrically, the song is about different perspectives. Sondag explains it like this, “’Half’ is a song of two perspectives. It’s about us, as both individuals and as a band. I suppose there’s a third aspect as well, taken from the listeners’ perspective. This is a song that we think many people will relate to, that covers feelings of perennial indecision, of an apathetic mood that never leaves and the time that passes without you taking control of your life in an active way. Half is a song that wants to express the anger of a defeated and resigned soul that is looking forward to a different future.”

Marcello’s influences are varied. He grew up listening to everything with a father whose musical style leaned toward jazz and blues and a brother who was into rock, grunge, and metal. Lega was bitten by the metal bug early on but also explores the world of ambient, EDM, and electronic music as well. For this song, in particular, Lega says, “If I think about what has conditioned the songwriting of this project the most I can think only of artists like Deftones, Meshuggah, Nine Inch Nails or Alice In Chains.

Sondag is definitely going in a bit of a different direction in its musical journey. According to Marcello, “From “Half” we are further evolving, working a lot on songs with strong inserts of synthesizers and parts with much more electronic sounds than before. The result will surely be something innovative compared to our current sound. We felt the need to change, and this electronic turnaround that we are taking with the new songs will be the proof.”

As the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding or in this case in the single as  “Half” clearly puts Sondag in a category all its own. This is one band whose musical journey simply must be followed because great things are definitely in the works. 

Shutter 16 also had the opportunity to chat with guitarist Marco Benedetti and get his take on “Half” and the band’s new direction.  You can listen to the interview in full below. 

Sondag is:

Marcello Lega-Guitars and backing vocals

Riccardo Demarosi- Bass guitar and vocals

Riccardo Lovotti-Drums 

Marco Benedetti- Guitars

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