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Soften the Glare with The Hypnotic Conquest

Situated in the land of Barbecue, Lexington, NC, sits High Rock Outfitters. A small venue that, for a number of years now, has been bringing in quality music options to a downtown that has developed itself into more than just a once a year visit for the barbecue festival. With quality beer, free popcorn, great sound, and booking unique acts that you would normally have to travel out of town to catch, High Rock Outfitters delivers on a good time.


As this was my first visit, I was unaware of what to expect from both the venues and the music. The openers for the evening were The Hypnotic Conquest, a local group from nearby High Point, NC. Blending elements from different genres was a theme for the evening as notes of rock, reggae, and overall jam music was crafted to shape a sound that for me personally was entertaining and has me excited at the chance to catch them out again locally.


Opening acts that entertain are always a bonus, but it was Soften the Glare that brought me out this evening. Currently playing select dates in support of their new album Making FacesSoften the Glare are a group of musicians that have found themselves together at just the right time. Comprised of members that have roots planted in seemingly different genres of music the three members have developed a sound that showcases each of their talents and creates a unique fusion that is supported through their stage presence and craft. Formed by members Ryan Martinie, Bon Lozaga, and Mitch Hull, the band have shown that no matter where their roots may lay, the desire to create and perform that they possess will find a way to bring life to a sound that is uniquely theirs.


The band clearly enjoys playing with each other and their joy on stage really supports the sound and finds its way out to the audience. Instrumental rock/jazz fusion is not the sort of music that you can really have expectations for when catching live but the caliber of musical talent on stage with Soften the Glare is and they are as good as advertised.

From the bands to the venue each was a quality experience and with each located here in NC this may have been my first experience but it will not be my last with all of them.

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Soften The Glare

July 14 @ Club 1341 Grill Sevierville, TN

September 21 @ Midwood Guitar Studio, Charlotte, NC

October 27 @ The Drunk Horse Pub, Fayetville, NC

The Hypnotic Conquest

August 18 @The Claddagh High Point, NC

August 29 @The Blind Tiger Greensboro, NC

August 30 @The Blind Tiger Greensboro, NC

Photographer Josh Gooch is a North Carolina native and a graduate of Appalachian State, Josh Gooch works in education, teaching graphic design at the community college level. Photography became a passion during his college career, and remained a constant addition to the ever-present soundtrack of life. Privileged to have turned an ear to hip-hop at a young age, after developing a love of music from ‘80s radio, Josh found that the revelation of rock music in high school was what led him to really devote serious amounts of attention to music. From there it was that first club show that sparked an addiction to live music and the exposure to various forms of it during the college years, cementing a love of passion and truth in music. Now, with the ability to combine the passions of photography and music, he hopes to continue to develop a creative voice that others appreciate.


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