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Social Distortion with Jade Jackson Bring Punk and Soul to Fillmore Charlotte

Social Distortion with Jade Jackson Bring Punk and Soul to Fillmore Charlotte

Charlotte got a taste of Southern California punk rock over the weekend as Mike Ness made a stop with his band, Social Distortion, and alt-country rocker, Jade Jackson. Here’s what you missed if you weren’t able to make it out to the packed Fillmore.

Jade Jackson 06

Jackson opened the show with her soulful blend of rock, folk, and country music. Having played up and down the west coast over the last few years, this was her first tour our across the country. With the release of her new record, Gilded, this past May, she played a solid mix of older material along with tracks from the new record.

Jade Jackson 09

Being a smaller artist on your first big tour across the country means that every song is a new song for most of the people in attendance, and from the reactions I observed it seemed like everyone was digging what they heard. Jade’s stage presence is very fitting of her sound, you can see the spirit and energy in her movements on stage.

Jade Jackson 04

Towards the end of her set she told the story of how she found herself on tour with Social Distortion.

Social Distortion 07

“The first show I ever went to was a Social Distortion show when I was a kid,” she reminisced. “Ten years later Mike Ness came across my music and liked what he heard.” She went on to speak about how Ness helped get her debut LP released on Anti Records. Ness made a brief appearance on stage before Jade finished her set and said “Jade Jackson: that is pure talent, ladies and gentlemen,” to which Jackson replied, “Mike Ness: he’s the reason I’m not waiting tables right now.”

Social Distortion 29

The stage was covered in decorations reminiscent of 1950’s suburban America. Glowing mannequin torso’s in vintage lingerie, classic street signs, antique children’s toys, an RCA dog statue, hobo clown faces, and license plates cut up and put back together spelling out Social Distortion.

Social Distortion 52

The band opened with “Still Alive” from 2011’s Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes, and then quickly rolled into the classic “99 to Life” from 1992’s Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell. With a catalog spanning nearly four decades there is a plethora of music to choose from, so the band played a mix from throughout their career. Some of my favorites from the show were “Dear Lover,” “Ball and Chain,” “Another State of Mind,” and a cover of “Hope Dies Hard” from Johnny Wickersham (US Bombs, Youth Brigade, and Social Distortion).

Social Distortion 31

“There’s enough happy songs in the world, but I like the songs about suffering,” Ness said after telling the story of being a young kid in California and discovering the “hillbilly” music of the depression era, and how much it influenced him just before they tore into “When She Begins” from Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell. They closed with “Machine Gun Blues,” but shortly returned to the stage to play some of their biggest hits.

Social Distortion 21

“Angel’s Wings” and “Don’t Drag Me Down,” two of my personal favorites, followed by their two biggest songs, “Story of My Life” and the cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” I haven’t seen the Fillmore this packed in a long time and it was obvious that everyone had a blast singing along to some of their favorite music with an icon of punk rock. You can catch the dates for rest of their tour with Jade Jackson below.

Crowd 06See full gallery here.

Remaining Tour Dates:

Date Venue Location
Aug 23 The Tabernacle Atlanta, GA Tickets & More
Aug 25 House Of Blues Orlando, FL Tickets & More
Aug 26 Revolution Live Fort Lauderdale, FL Tickets & More
Aug 27 Jannus Live St. Petersburg, FL Tickets & More
Aug 30 House of Blues New Orleans, LA Tickets & More
Sep 01 Concrete Street Amphitheater Corpus Christi, TX Tickets & More
Sep 02 The Aztec Theater San Antonio, TX Tickets & More
Sep 03 Burning Bubba Festival Fort Worth, TX Tickets & More
Sep 05 Tricky Falls El Paso, TX Tickets & More
Sep 06 Sunshine Theater Albuquerque, NM Tickets & More
Sep 08 The Ohana Fest Dana Point, CA Tickets & More

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Charlotte-area native, Bobby Whitmire, grew up heavily involved in the NC/SC hardcore punk music scene playing and booking shows. After a decade of moving around the country he settled in Charlotte again, where he decided to start school. At the end of 2014 he "borrowed" his family's old film camera that hadn't been touched in years, and since then you'd be hard-pressed to find him without at least one camera on him. In 2015 he decided to combine his love of punk and metal music with the passion he had for photography.


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