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SIRSY Warms Up Charlotte

An Intimate Show at The Evening Muse

By: Steph Cunningham

According to the many magazine articles, blog posts and news stories I’ve seen this January, 2019 is the year of self-care and gratitude. “Stay home and light a candle. Turn down the after-work drinks and read a book. Say ‘yes’ to a new adventure.” Going to concerts has always been my self-care of choice and my experience with SIRSY at The Evening Muse Tuesday night is a perfect example of why; both my ears and spirit were healed.

SIRSY is a two-piece from New York who describe their sound as “rock and soul with just the right amount of sass” and there could be no better description for the pair. There were times during the concert that I couldn’t remember if I was at a music performance or a comedy show. When the duo came out on stage, everyone laughed at and with the guitarist (Rich Libutti) who was in a three piece suit covered with pictures of Han Solo, Yoda and the rest of the Star Wars gang. According to, singer, Melanie Krahmer, the suit was meant to be Libutti’s New Year’s Eve outfit, but it was actually delivered late and left on their doorstep while they were on stage. He would now be wearing it for every show of 2019. “It doesn’t smell yet, but give it time,” Libutti told us. She later dedicated their song “Crazy” to the suit.


Their anecdotes were not just funny, but also heartfelt. Before their performance of “Like a Drum” which is on their upcoming untitled EP, Krahmer told the song’s story. She was in the midst of her second battle with cancer in 2018, when her doctor told her she was well enough to stop being basically on bedrest and could play her practice drum kit again. She described how the small victory got them so excited that they cried, and the song stemmed from that experience. “Like a Drum” was loud and full of the energy you knew she had held pent up inside of her during her months of treatment.


Even though you could mistake SIRSY’s comedic tendencies for a comedy show, it was in fact a concert and they didn’t let you forget it for too long. They played a cover of Cage the Elephant’s “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” that was fantastic. Krahmer’s soulful voice owned the song and Libutti showcased his guitar skills while they jammed out for an extended cut. Libutti teased about how easy he has it because while he played the “same three chords over and over,” Krahmer sang the song, played the drums and played the bass line as well. “It’s a good gig.” Krahmer also played the flute and melodica, bringing her total to three instruments and singing during the show.

The only disappointing part of the night was that the audience was forced in to chairs for the show. SIRSY exudes so much energy and fun that it felt like a crime to be sitting down for any part of their set. The band had thanked everyone for coming out on a school night, so maybe from past experience their crowd seems to prefer chairs? I think Charlotte needed to step it up a bit.


At the end of the show, Krahmer came out from behind her drums, stood on the edge of the stage next to Libutti and performed “Brave and Kind.” It was just her voice and the guitar and it was one of the few times I’ve gotten chills at a show. The pair knows how to make a connection with their audience and I’m sure I will think of this performance often when I hear their music.

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