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Shutter 16 Proudly Presents the Exclusive Premiere of Fly By Midnight’s Brand New Single “Lovely”

A Tasteful Treat Just In Time for Valentine’s Day

Working together as a duo is never easy and often times quite challenging. Just ask anyone in a long term relationship and I’m sure they will attest to the difficulties of being a team of two. Yet, most people still seek out a partnership because the rewards make all the struggles worthwhile. Over the years, the music world has seen its fair share of duos come and go, some briefly trying to make it a go and others going on to achieve superstar or icon status. What is it that makes one duo ride the train to success while others wither and fade? Of course, they need to have a unique chemistry together and complement each other well, but while it is a complicated relationship, what it ultimately boils down to is rather quite simple. Think about it. Where would the bluesy grooves of Sam be without Dave or the catchy hooks of Hall’s vocal chops without the melodic riffs of Oates? Could we ever have just one Black Key? They are simply better together than they are apart. Such is the case with pop-rock duo Fly By Midnight. In fact, the Fly By Midnight got together with no plans of forming a duo or a long term collaboration.

Justin explains, “We wrote together with no expectations of starting a duo. It was the first time Slavo tracked a harmony on a vocal I had recorded where we knew we had stumbled on something special. We haven’t looked back since.” The rest, as they say, is history and Fly By Midnight, a name that according to Justin “the perfect combination of our night driven & retro sound,” was born.

It’s that something special that has proven to be such a success for Fly By Midnight so far. With over 20 million views and over 240,000 subscribers on YouTube, Justin and Slavo have established quite a fan base. Social media can be a great outlet for new music and Fly By Midnight’s experience has been very positive. “As artists, we can communicate with new and current fans in a moment’s notice. It’s really been the root of where Fly By Midnight was born too. We never lose sight of that,” says Slavo. Justin agrees one hundred percent, “we’ve always been really good at tuning out any negativity. I’d say the challenge has been having to reassure fans of ours that we plan on traveling all over to meet them. We wish it could happen overnight, but we know we’ll be able to soon.”  In fact, there latest album, 2018’s Rerunning, and its hit single “You Belong” really took off sparking a tour which had the duo performing at over 150 colleges and garnering them spots at huge festivals like Firefly and Panorama Festival this past summer.

The two both have eclectic tastes in music that are constantly changing from classics like Billy Joel and Elton John to acts like Jon Bellion and The 1975 which Justin says have inspired them to “color outside the lines more.” Creativity and writing new songs has never been a problem for Fly By Midnight as they draw inspiration from meeting new people and experiencing new things with their time spent in L.A. helping them to expand their outlook and touch on concepts that they never have before. Their brand new single “Lovely” is a product of just such an experience. On a two-day tour break, they decided to drive into Nashville and get in some sessions because it was something they had never done before. They wound up connecting with siblings Brett and Brigetta Truitt and wrote “Lovely” in just a few hours. Slavo knew right away that they had something special. “The track feels different than other songs we’ve released before and that always excites us.” The two hunkered down in a local Starbucks for a few hours while Slavo put together a rough vocal that Justin recorded, immediately sending it out to their manager because they knew their fans had to hear it.  It’s difficult to compare the new track to any of their previous work as it has a flavor all its own. Justin explains, “We’re just continuing to push the boundaries of what we can incorporate into our music. This song is just another moment of maturity in our craft.”

Indeed, “Lovely” is a song that should send Fly By Midnight soaring to new heights. Justin adds,  “Lovely” is another experiment for us. Being out in LA we’ve come in with such an open mind. Skies the limit.” From the very first breath of haunting vocals, the listener is drawn into a different world, one where problems disappear and comforting emotions envelop you. Driven by an undeniable synth-pop groove, “Lovely” is laid back yet danceable and full of beautiful energy, love, and light with exquisite vocal harmonies. Like a piece of gourmet chocolate or a glass of fine wine, “Lovely” is smooth as silk and savory but not overpowering, leaving you wanting more. It’s the perfect way to cap off Valentine’s Day or any day with someone you love.

The duo is poised for greatness and looks forward to what the future holds. They’ve been seen recently working with pop-rapper, singer, and songwriter Jake Miller, collaborating on a track.

Slavo had nothing but praise for Miller, “Not only do we all connect as musicians, but also just as homies. We have a lot in common which made the whole process very effortless.” Justin vehemently agrees, “Jake is the man! I think we’re all taking away a lot from collaborating on this track of his. For me personally, I admire the revisions he makes to his music. He never settles & constantly wants to outdo himself.” Fly By Midnight is constantly striving to create something different and takes pride in the fact that they do everything from writing and production to visuals and marketing themselves. Having this level of control allows them to always push forward, making music that will have fans both hitting the dance floor and connecting emotionally or as Justin says “getting hit in the feels.”


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