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Shutter 16 Proudly Presents: She Burns Red Exclusive World Video Premiere

Scottish Rockers Burn Bright On New Single “Interstellar”

From the very first crunching riff of “Interstellar,” you may think you’re listening to a new tune by the Foo Fighters. The pounding drums kick in along with the scorching vocals of, wait for it, not one but two lead vocalists, and the band is off to the races. With searing guitars and an infectious melody, you can’t help but get pumped up. Just who are these mystery musicians, you may ask. Ladies and gentlemen and rock fans around the world, let me introduce you to the one and only, She Burns Red.

Born from the remains of several local Scottish bands, She Burns Red is a four piece with Andy Moore on guitar and vocals, James McCulloch on bass and vocals, Craig Hughes on guitar, and Adam McNaughton on drums. The band has undergone its fair share of personnel changes in recent times but the lineup really solidified this past summer when Adam came on board. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, She Burns Red has emerged renewed, reinvigorated, and ready to kick some ass. The band is a marvelous blend of grunge and alternative rock, with a little bit of punk attitude thrown into the mix and is making quite a name for themselves in the local Scottish music scene. They wear their love for the Foo on their sleeves, but their musical influences run deep.

Their newest single “Interstellar” is a perfect showcase for what She Burns Red is all about. The riffs are gigantic and the guitars are heavy, yet Hughes and Moore are extremely skilled and seem to possess the innate ability not to overpower things and let the melody shine through. McCulloch and McNaughton drive a furious pace with their rock steady rhythms leading the charge. One of the unique features of the band is the dual lead vocals of both Andy and James. Switching leads from verse to chorus provides a distinct counterpoint both in terms of the melody as well as stylistically between the two singers allowing them both to fully realize their vocal potential. The video for “Interstellar” was directed by David Stewart and is the band’s first foray into professional music videos. Shot in the corner of a warehouse turned into a gym, the clip features some nicely done camera work and does a good job at capturing  the live energy of the band. If you are in their neck of the woods, you can check out She Burns Red live in action this coming January at the And Justice For All Charity event for Fife Rottweiler Rescue at murphy’s Bar in Dunfermline. Stay tuned to their social media for more upcoming shows.

For more exciting She Burns Red news, listen to an exclusive interview with the band below as they chat with Shutter 16. Get the inside scoop on “Interstellar,” find out what was the first rock album they purchased, and listen to the band talk about their love for all things beer and pizza.

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