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Sevendust’s All I See Is War Tour Comes To Lexington

All I See Is War Tour:

Forged in fire and brotherhood since 1994, the guys have been creating this machine we call Sevendust. But the band hasn’t always went by that name, some time ago they were named Rumblefish after many different changes before discovering our now fearless frontman, Lajon Witherspoon. The name didn’t last as they discovered it was taken, so, back to the drawing board for a name, then out came Crawlspace. If you remember correctly they were even featured on the hit 90’s adaptation of the popular fighting game, Mortal Kombat the soundtrack!

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Pretty cool right? Well, that didn’t last either as that name was already taken and finally Sevendust was born! The guys had a little fun with their name struggle by naming one of their songs off the second record “Rumblefish”. With every album they’ve released, garnering critical acclaim, showing their love for their fans, they’ve built quite the reputation for themselves in today’s industry. In that same token, that is something extremely rare, something to be very proud of. This is another thing that makes this band different from everyone else, their fans. Hardcore, dedicated and loyal to a fault. The energy that they feed off of from the fans is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It makes for one hell of a concert experience.

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In 2015 Sevendust headed into the studio to begin prepping for the album that would produce a song that would be a Grammy nominated track in “thank you”. Kill The Flaw, debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard rock charts, while selling a kick ass 21,000 copies! Building on the success of that amazing record, we now have their 12th, yes 12th studio album in All I See Is War.

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The new record would find gold once again by working with acclaimed producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette, who is a very passionate and particular producer, the sound and tone of All I See Is War would be thunderous, making a statement. “The title was basically a lyric in the song ‘Dirty,’ and it started from there, addressing that there is an element you see around the world with the actual wars and conflicts going on, but there’s also this conflict we’ve had with the industry. It’s just observational stuff of the struggles we’ve had and the things we’ve encountered. The word ‘war’ shows up in a lot of the lyrics on this album, and it just summed up the basic energy. ‘War’ has been a very huge presence in our careers and our lifetimes, as it pertains to those internal conflicts and relationship conflicts and business conflicts.” Says Lowery about the title of their new album.

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Now in support of their 12th studio album, All I See Is War, comes a full tour, and with that tour Sevendust has their sights on the outstanding Manchester Music Hall, which is in the distillery district in beautiful Lexington, KY. This would be where we would meet up with the veteran metalheads for a show that would go down in the books of Manchester Music Hall’s ever growing list of amazing artists to grace their stage!

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As the time had finally come, Madame Mayhem took to the stage, elevating the atmosphere for a night of badass rock. Madame Mayhem was ready to energize this Lexington crowd on a Tuesday night.

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This strong and fiercely led band shined in a way that would keep us on our toes and ready for Fire From The Gods!

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A few minutes would pass, techs and venue staff had broken down the set from Madame Mayhem and now had everything ready for the next band, Fire From The Gods.

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Playing with deep passion and life experiences from AJ Channer, this band took me by surprise because I was not expecting the amount of energy and raw power that came from these guys.

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Metal, hip-hop and a touch of reggae is what you get when you see Fire From The Gods perform, you’ll never be disappointed either!

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The night fell on the city of Lexington just as fast as the humidity but that wasn’t stopping Memphis May Fire.

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From Nashville Tennessee, the band wasted no time in showing the crowd who they were, playing non stop song by song, we all were blown back into the next row by how great these guys were.

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Lead singer Matt Mullins addressed Lexington crowd thanking everyone for coming out to the show. “Lexington Kentucky!! Thank you so much for coming out tonight, we’ve never played here before and we will be back!”  Memphis May Fire 5 (1 of 1)

After a killer set from Memphis May Fire, we all had a few minutes to collect our thoughts and get mentally prepared for the big one, Sevendust. It would be moments later that our anxious selves were taken on a hell of a ride as John, Vince, Clint, Morgan and Lajon took to the Manchester Music Hall stage, opening with the brand new single “Dirty”

Sevendust really brought the metal to Lexington and they were not stopping for anything! Lajon greeted the crowd in an awesome way by bringing a pregnant fan across the barricade to watch the whole show out of the crowd so as not to be harmed, a very noble and humbling moment for sure! Vince jumped to the front of the stage to hype up the crowd even more, playing the intro from Enemy, even I was excited as this was one of my personal favorites, collectively all of Manchester Music Hall was on its feet and head banging to their rager from start to finish.

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Sevendust treated the loyal fans, taking it back to albums ago with songs like “Denial” “Praise” and “Angels Son”. Having been in the business for some time now and seeing the way that they interact with their fans and staff at a venue, I can say that Sevendust is the most under appreciated metal bands of all time, they are second to none and deserve to be in consideration as one of the greatest bands in this industry.

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Few bands can carry on with such humility and passion for their craft and fans like Sevendust do, which makes for an absolutely sensational concert experience and a overall pleasure to be around them! Be sure to catch Sevendust in support of their All I See Is War Tour, you won’t be disappointed. As it is concert season, if you’ve never been, or haven’t been in a while, don’t hesitate and buy those tickets!

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Sevendust Setlist Manchester Music Hall, Lexington, KY, USA 2018, All I See Is War


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