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Seether’s Poison The Parish World Tour Rolls Through Evansville’s Victory Theatre

Seether’s Poison The Parish World Tour Rolls Through Evansville’s Victory Theatre

It’s been 17 years since Seether stepped onto the music scene and they haven’t slowed down yet. Marking Poison The Parish, their eighth studio album, released in May of this year, this has been a heavily imposing record, tapping into resources of painful adrenaline pumping strength into the halls of this monstrous album. The veteran group hailing from Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa have something to say on this release and on their world tour for this record. With friends The Dead Deads and Shaman’s Harvest, the tour steam rolled into Evansville Indiana’s Victory Theatre for a night of awesome rock and stellar memories for fans alike.


Dead Deads 28 (1 of 1)

Nashville’s own The Dead Deads were the first band to greet the crowd in this historic venue.

Dead Deads 3 (1 of 1)

With an Area 51-like formula, also known as the Dead Corps, members of the Dead Corps, including an Indiana native Johnnie Dead, took to the stage and opened their show with a hit called “Nothing Will Be Fine,” from their release Flying Saucers.

Dead Deads 1 (1 of 1)

The Nashville quartet was welcomed with open arms as the city of Evansville had then realised they were beamed up for a night of pure fun and music.

Dead Deads 21 (1 of 1)

We were all also treated to a very special kind of Christmas song called “Santa Beamed Us Up.” A very fun and rocking way to get us all ready for the coming holiday, thanks to the insanely booming drumming from Johnnie Dead, the rhythmic stylings of Daisy Dead on bass, crazy solos and stellar backup vocals from newest member Dolly Dead and last but not least the fearless leader herself, Metta Dead.

Dead Deads 32 (1 of 1)

This show was one to be remembered, properly closed out with their song “Nope.”

Dead Deads 20 (1 of 1)

Here’s hoping that 2018 brings the Dead Corps back to southern Indiana!

Seether fan (1 of 1)

Direct support act Shaman’s Harvest got this evening rolling along and kept us all primed and ready for what was to come in the later part of the evening in Seether.

Shamans Harvest 7 (1 of 1)

Missouri’s own Shaman’s Harvest took to the stage with ferocity and fire. The depth and grit that these guys bring to the industry is insurmountable. Evansville was treated to some sick music courtesy of Shaman’s Harvest! Opening their set with “Dangerous” off their album Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns. So much tenacity and adrenaline for this inviting venue.

Shamans Harvest 1 (1 of 1)

Rocking a really unique mic stand, vocalist Nathan Hunt ravaged the crowd and got us all on our feet and rocking well into the night.

Seether 48 (1 of 1)

The great city of Evansville was treated to a lot already, yet there was still a piece missing form the equation: Seether. The time had finally come for us all to be rocked out of our seats and off our feet! Members Shaun, Dale, John, and newest addition to this amazing band Clint Lowery of Sevendust, who is a wonderful addition to make this record for Seether an even more earth-shattering and monstrous sound even bigger.

Seether 2 (1 of 1)

Opening the show with their huge hit “Gasoline,” the crowd was already up and ready to stay on their toes to rock the hell out with Seether the whole night long!

Seether 56 (1 of 1)

Hit after hit, they came pouring in. Indiana was hit with everything in Seether’s arsenal from the big guns in “Fine Again,” “Nobody Praying For Me”, “Words Are Weapons”, and even got to slow it down with songs like “Broken” and “Anna’s Song”.

Seether 11 (1 of 1)

Even Metta Dead from The Dead Deads came out to have some fun with vocalist Shaun Morgan. Not to be forgotten drummer and friend of Seether, Johnnie Dead joining the stage for a song as well.

Seether 23 (1 of 1)

We rocked and had our faces melted the entire night as this was another great night of rock and roll for the city and its fans of Evansville, Indiana! Seether closed out the night with their classic song “Remedy.”

Seether 46 (1 of 1)

If there was a person there who wasn’t a fan before they definitely walked out of Victory Theatre one on this night! Be sure to catch Seether on tour in a city near you!

Seether 42 (1 of 1)

See full gallery of the night. 

Seether Tour Dates:

January 21st, 2018- ShipRocked 2018

January 27th, 2018- Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biluxi, MS

April 20th, 2018- 98Rockfest Big 10, Amelie Arena, Tampa, FL

Seether Setlist The Mill & Mine, Knoxville, TN, USA 2017, Poison the Parish World Tour

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