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Seether was called what!?

Facts and info on Poison the Parish and Seether

Since the historical year of 1999, the music industry has given us some out-of-this-world musicians, and some were still not sure of. The South African rock band Seether, however, has been a group that fans have traveled countless miles to see, requested hourly on the radio, and even spent entire afternoons watching MTV (when they actually played music videos) for that one video. But there are several things you may not know about the rock group who made up our Generation Y and Millennial childhoods. Get ready for some facts you may not have known about Seether.


  • When the group formed in 1999 in South Africa, they weren’t named Seether. The band’s name was actually Saron Gas. When the group gained the attention of American record label Wind-Up Records, they suggested the band change their name so it would get confused in Sarin Gas which is a highly toxic, colorless, and odorless gas, which can cause death within ten minutes of exposure.


  • Saron Gas dropped an independent album entitled Fragile which was released solely in South Africa. Some of the tracks off of the album including “69 Tea”, “Fine Again” and “Pig” transferred over to Seether’s first album Disclaimer which was released in 2002.   


  • Since the group’s US debut, Seether has had plenty of their songs in some of our favorite movies. “Out of My Way” was on the Freddy vs Jason soundtrack, while “Broken” and “Sold Me”, featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence, can be heard on The Punisher soundtrack. In 2008 “Fake It” off of the group’s fourth studio album Finding Beauty in Negative Places became the theme song for the World Wrestling Entertainment’s No Way Out. Other tracks can be heard on various TV shows such as Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Daredevil, and NCIS, and on the video game Madden NFL 2003.


  • Everyone likes to be appreciated for the hard work and effort they put into their passion. Seether is no different. The group received their first award in 2008 for Best Alternative Artist for the MTV Africa Music Awards along with Best Rock: English. Since then the group has been nominated for ten awards including Artist of the year, Number One Active Rock Artist, Active Rock Artist of 2011, and Best Live Band.


  • Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces, Seether’s fourth studio album was released on October 23rd, 2007. “Rise Above This” one of the album’s singles was written by vocalist Shaun Morgan for his brother Eugene Welgemoed who committed suicide in August of 2007. Five years after this life changing event The Rise Above Fest was founded by Seether to help raise awareness for suicide prevention and mental illness.


“I lost my brother 8 years ago to suicide and it never gets easier. This whole festival came about as a dedication to him. I started this festival as a tribute to anyone who has lost someone. If this festival does something to help one person reconsider the tragic choice of suicide, then it will be the greatest success of my career.” Morgan stated when interviewed in 2015. Rise Above Fest has raised a total $110k for suicide prevention and is proud to be partnered with SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education)

Through everything the band has been through from losing members, differences of opinions, rehab, and everything else that goes along with life, the members of Seether have kept their heads held up high and released their seventh studio album Poison the Parish on May 12th this year. Poison the Parish is the band’s first album with their new logo. This album has a way heavier feel to it then Seether’s previous works. When asked about this new direction, Morgan stated: “When we were dealing with the record company that wanted the band to sound more radio friendly, and pushing us toward the alternative genre. That’s no longer the case. Now it’s more that guitars are less of a player in the music, and it’s more Imagine Dragons and Lorde and stuff like that…. There’s a time and place for keyboards and percussions, and a ton of strings in different places, but I don’t feel like this was that time or place.”

With the release of Poison the Parish the group has set out on tour which has been steadily making its way across the states. There are three dates remotely close to Shutter 16’s home base. November 25th at The Fillmore in Charlotte, November 26th at The Ritz in the state’s capitol of Raleigh, and then heading north into Pennsylvania. The Ritz is a marvelous venue known for its various shows, not just including musical acts, beautiful decor, and house lights. The Chippendales have been known to make an appearance or three from time to time. Tickets for both North Carolina dates are still available so make sure you grab them, as well as your copy of Poison the Parish ASAP!


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