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Samantha Fish brings bluesy vibes to the Neighborhood Theatre

One sign of a great guitar player is not needing to prove it.

Let the songs speak for themselves while giving just enough punch to keep the attention of the audience. The crowd at the Neighborhood Theatre got a double dose on Tuesday night as Samantha Fish (Ruf Records) and Jonathon Long (Wild Heart Records) put on a blues showcase to heat up a cold December night.
Samantha Fish (2)
Fish has slowly been gaining attention for her bringing plenty of style to contemporary blues. The 29-year-old has been playing guitar since she was 15, has won numerous awards, and released nine albums. Don’t know her songs? It doesn’t matter. Fish’s vocals and guitar playing can quickly draw in the entire room. Her name is constantly popping up on festival announcements and it’s only a matter of time before she becomes more of a household name.

Samantha Fish (3)

Samantha Fish (7)

Samantha Fish (6)

Samantha Fish (8)

Samantha Fish (10)

Jonathon Long, who opened the show, is the first artist on Samantha Fish’s label, Wild Heart Records. Much like Fish after him, he cruised through his set with ease. Long was seen outside the venue directing people toward the door shortly before his set started. That down-to-earth attitude was prevalent throughout his performance. Much of his set focused on music from his eponymous debut album. He brought a bit of Louisiana soul to his blues style with plenty of emotion soaked into the lyrics. He found time to stroll into the crowd to blow through a solo and bantered with the crowd and a woman who offered $250 for his purple guitar.

Jonathon Long (1)


Jonathon Long (6)

Jonathon Long guitar case

Jonathon Long

From start to finish, the night was laid back and lovely featuring two artists who continue to grow their fan base thanks to stellar talent.
Samantha Fish (11)

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