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Saint Motel Brings You On Set With The Motion Picture Show Tour

Saint Motel Welcomes 9:30 Club Into Their Movie Soundtrack



OPENING SCENE: We find ourselves in a music venue filled with people. Outside a line of fans are wrapped around the block awaiting entrance. Heard within are the sounds of movie scores familiar to the ear. The room quickly begins to fill as the floor and the balcony above find people claiming their spot for this night of music.


THE OPENERS: A scene that feels reminiscent of the ’80s as a duo dressed in attire that seems fitting from the decade walks on stage from stage right.


Their costumes are bright with sequins and glitter as this theme continues into their makeup, donning small amounts of eyeshadow and eyeliner fitting to the theme one may describe as “glam rock”. A female steps upon a kick drum laid flat on the floor surrounded by additional drums. Meanwhile, a gentleman picks up an electric guitar and approaches the microphone. 


The crowd goes wild as the music begins with sounds that find inspiration from the likes of Roy Orbinson, The Kinks, and The Who. There’s an excitement in that air as this duo rocks the house with songs such as “Here Comes the Night” and “One More Thrill”. The rocking continues as we cut to the drummer as she keeps the beat going while simultaneously tap dancing on the kick drum she stands upon. It is then revealed that the two are married and this leads us to our final scene.


In this final scene with the group known as KOLARS, we are presented with the likes of the lead singer and guitarist shredding during his time within the song “Turn The Lights Out” all accented by his tap-dancing wife on drums (literally)


. Finally, our scene fades out to the sounds of “Dangerous”. Allowing the viewer to question “is it dangerous to live like us”.



MAIN ACT: {Lights Dim} [The theme song to Jurassic Park fills the room] 

A t-rex in the form of an inflatable suit walks on stage and picks up a guitar to symbolize that he is more than just a big head and little arms. The T-Rex then exits the stage.


We then hear the narrator describe the environment of Mount Everest as visuals accompany the narration on stage. We then see a man in the pit, dressed in a very warm and furry jacket searching with a lantern before jumping on stage. It then begins…


The night kicks off with the appropriate song “Cold Cold Man” as the full band kicks in, including everything from guitar and drums to saxophone and keyboard. It’s Saint Motel and they came to jam. As the night continues, we hear the sounds of newer music from the likes of their latest EP ‘The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Pt. 1’ including songs such as the dance inflicting “Diane Mozart” and “Sisters”


SCENE CHANGES: After about 5 songs, we then notice the wardrobe of our lead singer has changed to that of a Dictator, as he then urges the crowd to chant, I mean sing along with him. This is led with an older song appropriately titled “Dear Dictator”. A song that starts soft and throws you into a rock/pop blend. We then move through our evening by ramping up the energy level with a cover of “Right Back Where We Started” and the ever-popular original “Move”. 


It is then time for another film set. The lights turn blue and we then hear the narrator take us on a journey into the stars as a raft makes an appearance within the audience. Adorned in flashing lights the raft is held up by the fans as our lead singer then jumps aboard and sets out to explore the “space” before returning to the stage. We then hear the slower tempo of the songs “Save Me” and “Old Soul” before we then travel into a church-like atmosphere with the lyrics and power of “Born Again”.


FINALE: In the final scene of our Motion Picture Soundtrack we find ourselves in a classroom environment as part of a flashback sequence. In this moment our lead singer is wearing a black jacket with different symbols embroidered, seemingly showcasing different parts of the world.


We then hear the voice of a younger Saint Motel preparing to rehearse their very first album featuring the song “Butch”. 


We then are transitioned into current time as we celebrate the latest single from the group “Van Horn” before ending the night with a dance party. As the song “My Type” begins, there is an aisle opened in the center of the audience for a soul-train type invitation for fans to dance. Our lead singer then makes his way into the crowd accompanied by our friend the T-Rex to dance and sing along, eventually jumping on top of a bar before climbing to the balcony above. 


Our lead singer then returns to the stage as the dance party continues, the band closes out the song and everyone takes a bow and bids adieu to Washington, DC.



If you happened to capture any shots of the night, feel free to tag us on social media as Shutter 16 Magazine and throw in #TwitFromThePit for the world to see. 

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Saint Motel Setlist 9:30 Club, Washington, DC, USA 2020, Motion Picture Show

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