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Sail Sets Off For Uncharted Waters With Latest Single “Mannequin”

As the champagne flowed and fireworks lit up the skies over major cities around the world to welcome in the year 2020, nobody could have imagined what this year would bring. Most of us have endured some sort of “lockdown” due to the COVID-19 pandemic and things we took for granted like hanging out with friends, traveling, enjoying a cold beer at the local pub, or attending a concert came to a screeching halt. All of a sudden we were faced with an unheard of deadly disease and governments scrambled to figure out how to deal with it, some more successfully than others. We were all seting sail into uncharted waters as we coped with not only the pandemic but everything that came along with it. With music tours and concerts not happening, many artists have taken this time to focus on new music and reflect on what is happening around them, resulting in art that is not only unique but offers a glimmer of hope for the future. 

UK rock band Sail has provided just what we need with their latest single “Mannequin.” Hailing from southwest UK, the band has been together since 2016 and is known for its melodic stylings with a sludgy almost stoner metal feel. The video for the song was made during the lockdowns and was put together from images and clips sent in from their friends who had filmed themselves and their surroundings. It offers a varied look into the different experiences that people had during the lockdowns with the commonality of the range of human emotions that we all go through. 

Shutter 16 had the opportunity to chat with drummer Tom Coles and get an insider’s peek into the band Sail. You can listen to our interview in full and find out everything from how the band first got together to their biggest influences (hint: think prehistoric animal, ok one of them is Mastodon) and what makes Sail a band to put on your must listen to list. 

Sail is:

Tom Coles- Drums

Charlie Dowzell-Guitars/Vocals

Tim Kazer- Guitars/Vocals

Kynan Scott- Bass/Synth/Vocals

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