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“Roses and Maps” Puts The Road Atlas On The Alt-Rock Map

Latest Single “Fist.Fighting.Life.” Delivers A Passionate, Punk-Influenced Performance

Like many young musicians around the world, Julian Gonzalez Kitzing made his way to the United States from his native country of Costa Rica full of hopes and dreams. Blessed with a talent and passion for his craft, he spent five years in California, honing his skills and soaking up everything that the west coast music scene had to offer. His time in the States would be a learning experience he would never forget and in 2015, Julian returned to Costa Rica ready to record and take on the world. His first venture would be an EP entitled Tall Tales that he would record with members of a local band. The record is full of crunchy riffs highlighted by a definite punk rock influence and songs that are full of passion and youthful vigor. “Laura Said” is simple yet powerful and is quick to grab the listener’s attention and have them bouncing around to the beat.

Julian’s next big step had him setting a course for another world-renowned music mecca, this time in London. It is here in the UK that he would meet up with a like-minded musician, Italian drummer Fabrizio D’Amelio. The pair released the Two Tone Blues EP in 2017, a brilliant combination of alternative rock and punk infused riffs. Three more singles would follow with themes touching on chasing your dreams and how your passion can get you through some of the rough times in your life. The epic “Roses and Maps” allows the listener to relive the moments when you first find your passion in life and fall in love with it something that brings you intense joy.

At this point, Julian and Fab rounded out the lineup of The Road Atlas with the addition of Jordan Brown on lead guitar and Meg Cherry on bass. Now a tight, four piece unit based out of London, The Road Atlas is determined to pursue their rock and roll dreams, taking on the music world one beat at a time. The official video for “Roses and Maps” features all four members and was directed by Kristofer Norvik. Their sound reminds me of the straightforwardness of a band like The Hives with all the pop-punk fury of early Green Day. The concept is fun and quirky with great production, another huge step in moving their career along the right path. The band is scheduled to release six brand new songs in 2019 with the most recent single, “Fist.Fighting.Life.,” just dropping. The new tune features a jangling riff accompanied by a bouncing rhythm and crisp, clear vocals from Julian. With a sing-along chorus and catchy melody, it is easy to imagine this song being in rotation on any alternative rock station around and is sure to be a new hit at their live shows.

With four skilled musicians and a knack for writing powerhouse songs, it’s safe to bet that we will all be hearing a lot more from The Road Atlas in the very near future. Shutter 16 had the opportunity to chat with the band and get all the latest information on what they’ve got coming down the pipe. You can listen to our full interview with Julian and the rest of the gang below. Be sure to stay tuned to their website and social media accounts for all the latest updates and upcoming shows.

The Road Atlas Is:

Julian Gonzalez Kitzing-Lead Vocals, Guitar

Fabrizio D’Amelio-Drums, Backing Vocals

Jordan Brown-Lead Guitar

Meg Cherry-Bass, Backing Vocals


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