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Rockstar Post Malone Plays Charlotte’s PNC Music Pavilion

Going Posty

Wednesday night, ‘White Iverson’ himself, a.k.a. Post Malone, took the stage at Charlotte’s PNC Music Pavilion for one of the Summer’s hottest tours. Post Malone is a jack of all trades and defies the standards of a ‘rapper’. Stoney, or Posty, as many of his fans call him, is not just a rapper, but also a singer-songwriter, an elite gamer, and a newly inducted ghost hunter. When it comes to Post, there is something for everyone, whether it’s his love for country music, his unique sense of style, his soulful voice that can range from indie to hip hop, or his glittering bedazzled teeth that makes him so irresistible.


Dominating world charts with the release of hits such as “Congratulations” and “rockstar”, Post Malone, at the age of 22, has hit the ground running, and he’s hit it hard. Since the release of his first single “White Iverson” on Soundcloud, Post has become the soundtrack of 2018 for Americans and others alike. Innovatively changing today’s music, the young artist has drawn major attention and accumulated a massive fan base worldwide. From sleeping in a closet in LA, to being a multimillionaire within the span of a few short years, Post Malone proved at his show in Charlotte, that this will not be the last time we hear of him.


Kicking off the night was the up and coming Californian hip hop artist, Paris. The special guest filled in for SOB X RBE, who had been scheduled to play Charlotte as well as other dates of the tour. Releasing his debut album ONE NIGHT IN PARIS last month, the artist has already gained traction and a large fanbase with his first single only being released a few weeks before the album. Singing over catchy tracks that combine trap and hip-hop, Paris defies the rules of musicality in order to create his own unique sound. Opening for acts as massive and legendary as 21 Savage and Post Malone, Paris had high standards to meet.


Remaining fully clothed for only a few songs, Paris and his onstage posse became shirtless after a couple short minutes. Rain came and went while the openers performed for the crowd as they were filling in. Long hair, painted black nails, studded bracelets, and chain necklaces to fit his rocker vibe, Paris energetically ran and jumped to and from each side of the stage while encouraging fans to join him. Although Paris is a solo act, he had many friends onstage helping to hype the crowd.


One of which was a shorter young man who ran around shirtless up against the barricade throwing water viciously at fans. All of whom, did not seem to mind as the pit had become a hot and sweaty place. Singing of Gucci shirts, getting high, and bottled sadness the artist discussed the highs and lows of being a human. Paris sang songs such as “GONE” which features Trippie Redd as well as “Po’ed Up” which features another young rapper, Gunna. With tight connections in the music industry and a unique sound, Paris’s ambition and ability to hustle, playing show’s on Post Malone’s tour, will surely lead to more opportunities down the road.


After Paris’s set, it was 21 Savage’s turn to take the stage. The Atlanta-based rapper originally launched his solo career in 2016 with the release of his mixtape “The Slaughter Tape”. Fast forward to 2018, with the help of Post Malone and a feature on his most popular song “rockstar”, Savage has become one of the most popular rappers and in demand artists. Working with other musicians such as Cardi B, Ty Dolla $ign, A$AP Rocky, and Gucci Mane, he has quickly worked his way up the popularity chart. Releasing three albums in 2016 and two in 2017, Savage continues to prove that there ain’t no rest for the wicked.

21 Savage-06

Before the rapper made his appearance, a massive LED screen towards the back of the stage played a video of a man hiding from a murderer. The eerie intro fueled anticipation for his set as the bass pounded inside crowd members chest. After the man in the intro was killed, the rapper who has “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 M’s” in his bank account, slowly strolled out as smoke swarmed the stage. Performing solo while singing over the tracks to his songs, 21 Savage remained contained throughout his set. A mysterious creature himself, the rapper became visible after being immersed in the smoke during his first song.

21 Savage-04

Lights flashed as high quality visuals played on the screen behind him. Drugs, money, expensive cars, and murder appeared to be a reoccuring theme in his music. Post Malone fans went wild for 21 Savage. Especially for his number one song, “Bank Account”. 21 gave the spotlight to fans for a majority of the song allowing them to sing at the top of their lungs into the microphone which he pointed out towards the pavillion. Pacing from one side of the stage to the next, 21 Savage didn’t have to do much to work the crowd. After watching his set, I fully believe if he had just stood there and blinked, they would have been equally as ecstatic. Old and new fans of the rapper lost their minds for the star. Having never been to a true rap concert myself, I quickly realized why so many people are crazy for them and compare the genre to the new rock and roll.

21 Savage-01

At 9:25 PM, the man, the myth, the legend, THE Post Malone took the stage. Construction lights and materials decorated the stage to fit the aesthetic of his recent album beerbongs & bentleys as bright yellow and green lights shined on the king of today’s music. Opening up with “Too Young”, a tribute to rapper, A$AP Yams, who passed away in 2015, the crowd roared and shined their flashlights toward Post to pay homage to Yams. Like the other artists during the night, Post Malone played the entire set solo. Singing over tracks, he belted out the lyrics to every song.

Post Malone-03

One of the most memorable parts of the night was when Post sang “I Fall Apart”, a painful ballad exemplified by his anger and sorrow while singing to the crowd. Post explained that it was about a girl who broke his heart. The crowd quickly took his side of the argument and chanted “Fuck that bitch”, while sticking their middle fingers up in honor of his ex. Originally going viral on Twitter for a emotional stripped down version of the song, Post replicated the performance for new and old fans.

Post Malone-14

Towards the later half of Post Malone’s set, he brought out his acoustic guitar to play “Feeling Whitney” and “Stay”. His ability to go from playing a hardcore hip hop or rap song, to a laid back indie folk ballad, and still captivate the crowd, is what makes Post Malone a rockstar. In a music venue as big as PNC Music Pavilion, holding nearly 19,500 people, Post Malone kept the intimate feeling that was alive in smaller clubs during the early years of his career. Fans screamed, sang, and even cried for his acoustic performance. “Feeling Whitney” was the first song I had ever heard by Post. I remember seeing his name below the title of the song and thinking… “Really? This is Post Malone?”, but it’s true. Post Malone is redefining music today and is helping to prove that artists don’t have to be assigned to just one genre. Who knows, with a love for artists such as Johnny Cash, Toby Keith, and Tim McGraw, maybe there’s a country album in Post Malone’s future. After singing “Stay”, Post casually lit up a cigarette and continued to smoke the pack throughout the night.

Post Malone-15

Post Malone concluded his set like the icing on top of the cake and the finale on the 4th of July. Singing “rockstar”, “White Iverson”, and “Congratulations” all in a row, the crowd was riled up and in full party mode. “Rockstar” was one of the six songs he sang off of beerbongs & bentleys during the night. Although it features 21 Savage, the rapper seized to make an appearance to help sing the song. This was the only let down of the night. It would have been fun to see the two sing their song together, however, fans didn’t seem to mind too much. He ended the song by grabbing his guitar and smashing it onstage- a pure rockstar move. Before singing “White Iverson”, Post thanked the crowd for supporting and listening to the song.

Post Malone-16

After releasing the “White Iverson” on Soundcloud, it ultimately changed his life in just 24 hours. Post said “everything you’ve heard about me, sleeping in my closet and moving to L.A. when I was 18, it’s all true”. After singing “White Iverson”, it flowed perfectly with Post Malone’s speech before singing “Congratulations”. While living in L.A. in a house full of aspiring YouTube gamers, he didn’t have a dollar to his name. He encouraged fans to follow their dreams no matter what the haters have to say. He spoke about making his first mixtape at age 12 and many people made fun of him for it. Post said “… and I see these same people who made fun of me every single day, and you know what they say to me? Congratulations.” With that, the bass of “Congratulations” entered the pavillion and the crowd turned into an ocean of fans jumping up and down.

Post Malone-20

As Posty would say this show was “so fire and super dope”. Having seen nearly 150+ artists myself, I can easily say that Post Malone ranked within the top shows I have ever been to. Post Malone knows how to bring the party and he’s also extremely talented. After finishing his set, he jumped off stage to high five everyone in the front row before exiting the stage. “Thank you ladies and gentlemen” he said and walked away with a smile. The Texas native owned Charlotte for the night and left the Queen City with ringing ears and a whirlwind of an experience. Speaking on behalf of Charlotte, Post, we hope you come back soon and until then, we will continue to support you and say “Congratulations”.

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