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Rock on the Range returns in 2018 to dominate festival season

Written by David Zeck and Brandon Hanks

When music lovers think of summer, they think of festival season. It’s the time of the year where all of our favorite bands join together to put on a show like no other. One name that comes to mind for us here at Shutter is Danny Wimmer Presents. Danny Wimmer has been bringing hard rock and metal festivals to the masses for years now. The company is responsible for festivals like Chicago Open Air, Welcome to Rockville, Carolina Rebellion and, one of our favorites, Rock on the Range, just to name a few.

2018 finds Rock on the Range bringing the festival to new heights with a powerhouse line up filled with veteran talent, as well as some newcomers. Since the festival began in 2007 as just a one day festival, it’s become a staple in the rock community and known to fans for bringing all of the best bands together. The festival has had countless major act headliners which include Evanescence, Stone Temple Pilots, Slipknot, A Perfect Circle, Incubus, SoundGarden, Guns N Roses, and even Metallica.

A Perfect Circle
This year’s festival is just as hard hitting as its predecessors. Rock on the Range will take place May 18th through the 20th, 2018 at Mapfre Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, with Tool, Avenged Sevenfold and Alice in Chains headlining the powerhouse lineup.

Don’t be fooled.

This festival isn’t just about headlining acts; you see, the strength of this festival is found at its core. With acts like Underoath, Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown, Greta Van Fleet, Asking Alexandria, Bullet For My Valentine, Code Orange, Them Evils, I See Stars, Joyous Wolf, New Years Day, Cane Hill, Breaking Benjamin, Stone Sour, and A Perfect Circle, how can you focus on one headliner!

Must see picks:

The line-up is a stand out one for sure, but here are some bands we highly recommend you check out!

Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown 

Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown are a must see act, and I’m not just saying that. The band caught some serious attention from legendary rock n’ roll big wigs like Aerosmith, AC/DC, and Guns N Roses, and basically spent the past two years as openers for all three across the globe. Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown released their self titled debut album via Spine Farm Records in November of 2017 and set out to Europe on a headlining tour of their own. The band will be playing dates around the U.S on their way to Rock on The Range as part of BlackBerry Smoke’s Ramblin Bones Tour 2018. Be sure to pencil in these guys on your agenda!

10 Years

10 Years have been in the industry for some time now and aren’t pulling any punches with the newly released (how to live) As Ghosts. Lead singer Jesse Hasek has unleashed another furious record with his veteran group and are already topping the charts with their new single “Novacaine,” having already made a bold statement in the past few months since releasing it. With Rock On The Range being the biggest festival of the year, you’ll want to come and check out the energy and power they bring to Columbus, Ohio this year!

10 Years 31 (1 of 1)

Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet are young but make no mistake – these guys have the ability to have a real long career. They have exploded in 2017 with huge festival appearances and a sold out tour that hit some major U.S markets. The band, led by singer Josh Kiszka, has received a ton of comparisons to Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. GVF released their debut From the Fires in 2017, led by the hit song “Highway Tune.” Mark my words these guys are gonna be huge!!!


Stone Temple Pilots

After going through quite a bit of changes over the years, Stone Temple Pilots has brought a fresh face to the fold in Jeff Gutt. Getting his exposure into the hit television show The X Factor, Gutt blazed a trail many would soon not forget with his killer performances and mesmerizing voice. This kick-ass rocker is now on the grandest stage of them all with a historic band that we all know and love. Now, STP is making another statement yet again but one that hasn’t been made in some time.

Stone Temple Pilot (33)

Joyous Wolf 

Nick Reese and the rest of Joyous Wolf have found something few can: pure adrenaline fueled fire that is a sound best described by combining Jack White, Def Leppard, and Zakk Wylde. This gruesome foursome have something to say at this years Rock On The Range. What will unfold when the boys from Tustin take the ROTR stage? Buy your tickets and find out.



Tool is no doubt a must-see and to top it off, Maynard James Keenan is pulling double duty with rocking the range with his crew in Tool but also with A Perfect Circle. Both bands are releasing new albums very soon and are sure to prove that Keenan and his band are here to stay. The music world is not ready for the amount of rock and rage he has to release this year! This isn’t his first foray into the festival world as they have played countless festivals over the past 20 Years. Be sure to check out Tool this year at Danny Whimer’s biggest festival in Ohio!


Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria are no newcomers however something special happened for these guys in 2017. The band reunited with original singer Danny Worsnop and in doing so, put out a great rock n’ roll album in 2017. These guys are known for their great live show and we’re really excited to hear the new songs live. The band will be out touring in support of their new album, which was released in December with a headlining tour before making their way to Ohio for Rock on the Range, so maybe you can check them out twice this year.


Stone Sour 

Stone Sour is the best way to see Corey Taylor when he’s not doing Slipknot, and though two very different bands, Stone Sour never disappoints. Their high energy stage show and love for their fans and music absolutely make them a must see during the Rock on the Range weekend. With a performance that’s always unpredictable and full of passion, the band will be out at the festival supporting their new album “Hydrograd” which has already received a ton of recognition thanks to powerhouse songs like “Song #3”, “Fabuless” and “YSIF.” Look forward to Corey Taylor and company hitting the stage fast and hard in Columbus!



Underoath are a must see for so many reasons, the main one being well…. They’re Underoath. The band are certainly no newcomers but they are back after a brief hiatus, not only is their 2018 album one of the most anticipated of the year. Their live show is a must watch, filled with fast pace energy, headbanging, and chaotic strobe lights these guys never disappoint and we look forward to being in the pit anytime they’re around. Underoath will bring a one of a kind energy and performance to Rock on the Range and maybe even some new material.


Code Orange

Code Orange round out our top must sees for a variety of reasons. This band has been killing it all 2017. Not only are they on one of the biggest metal labels out there, a.k.a Roadrunner Records, but they’ve been killing the live show circuit. The band has performed gigs with Dillinger Escape Plan (RIP), Gojira, and this year their starting off on tour with Meshuggah. They’ve also been nominated for a Grammy in the category for “Best Metal Performance.” We can’t stress how much you have to keep and eye on this band!


What is this world without music? Without connecting to a song/band? What would our lives be without hearing that song that rocked our faces off and pushed us to dig deep, and move forward to face any of the challenges we can face? What would it be like if we never connected to a band who inspires us to find our inner demons and confront them? To buy the ticket or VIPs to meet the people behind the songs that help shape our life? If music is in your blood; your heart; your soul, DO NOT miss this years Rock On The Range. Don’t hold back. If music has ever meant anything to you, buy that ticket. Fuel up your car and get your ass to 2018’s Rock On The Range and have the music experience of a lifetime and feel it!

Anybody you’re looking forward to seeing at Rock on the Range? Let us know in the comments below!
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