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Rob Schneider had NY rolling in their seats at The Paramount

Winter blizzards and getting older are nothing to the legendary comedian

What is better on a cold winter’s evening than warming up by a fire with a great Rob Schneider movie? Going to see the comedy genius live at a warm and inviting venue. That is exactly what happened on the evening of March 11 in Huntington, NY at The Paramount as Schneider performed to a sold out crowd on a bone-chilling night.

Rob Schneider at The Paramount NY
It was a jam packed night of belly-rolling laughter with two comedians warming the audience up before Schneider took to the stage. First up was a Long Island Comedy Festival favorite, Eric Haft. Co-founder of Haft2Laugh, Haft has performed all over the United States and is one of the most sought after comedians on the East Coast. He revved the crowd up with his unique take on everyday life. Sharing his life with his wife of twenty six years, his twenty-year-old daughter, who at that age is an emotional roller coaster, and his youngest son, who his wife feels should be a marine biologist yet he can not even maintain a fish take, Haft had the audience laughing through his fifteen minute set.

Immediately following Haft was another Long Island comedic legend, two-time winner of the Long Island Press’ Best Of L.I. for Best Comedian, Rich Walker. He is also the co-founder and professor of Stand-Up University, a place for aspiring comics to learn the fine art of Stand-Up Comedy. Taking the stage there is no mistaking that he is a true Long Islander as his heavy accent helped tell his jokes. Through his fifteen minutes on stage he had the audience laughing with his brand of comedy about everyday life and his family. At one point in his set, he boasted about his son getting into acting and managed to land a lead role in a play, but the play was Annie. The audience clearly enjoyed Walker’s set laughing and clapping the whole time.

Rob Schneider at The Paramount NY
After a brief intermission came the act everyone was waiting for, Rob Schneider. A well-known comedian, actor, screenwriter, and director, Schneider has been on the scene for thirty years now. He has an impressive movie career, where he played many as lead actor, as well many television roles, his most recent one being in a Netflix series entitled Real Rob.

Rob Schneider at The Paramount NY

Schneider took to the stage with ease as his fans cheered and clapped for him. Lifting the microphone from the stand he had them laughing immediately to jokes about his aging body now that he is over fifty. He spoke about finding cookies more interesting than sex nowadays to not wanting to get to ripped in the gym as older skin is thin (and if you get too pumped up your heart will become visible).

Rob Schneider at The Paramount NY

He touched base on the immigration issues and how immigrants are what make this country great, “especially the old ones,” poking fun at how immigration has changed. He also felt that the travel ban should include Canada as they have too many cute actors coming over here taking American jobs. He touched base on his personal life, his previous marriages and how relationships are all about communication. He cited the differences between how men and women perceive the meaning of things, as an example, “When my wife says, I’m going downstairs to get a drink of water, what she is really saying is, can you go downstairs and get me a drink of water? And when I say, do you want me to go downstairs to get you a drink of water? What I’m really saying is, do I really have to go downstairs and get you some water?” It is all in the fine lines and he had his fans uncontrollably laughing.

Rob Schneider at The Paramount NY
Ending his set by sharing his childhood memories and his upbringing in a household where his father was Jewish and his mother from the Philippines, he kept everyone laughing. He talked about his love for Asian food and how Asian people have a very strong work ethic, mentioning how “you never see a homeless Chinese person in the streets.” He even shared how strong his mother is and how even at eighty-eight years old she still has a powerful presence, which earned him one of the loudest cheers of the evening.

Rob Schneider at The Paramount NY

Schneider put on an awesome show and his fans left the venue with big smiles on their faces. He has a heavy lineup of tour dates taking him all over the United States all the way through to September. Should one of those dates be at a venue near you, be sure to check him out live as he is a blast.


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