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Rick Springfield played to a sold out crowd at The Paramount in Huntington

Panties were flying at Rick Springfield’s sold out show!

It is not often that an artist is equally known as an actor and a musician. While many do both, one talent usually is better known than the other. That is not the case for Rick Springfield.

He started his career in the late 1960’s in Australia, where he was born. In the early 1970 he moved to the United States and continued his music and acting careers. But it was in 1981 where he simultaneously got his big break in both forms of his art. He had a No.1 hit with “Jessie’s Girl”, which he won a Grammy for, and he landed a role in the soap opera General Hospital, his character, Dr. Noah Drake. Since then his career has flourished and his fan base has grown massively. With many more successful albums and starring roles under his belt, Springfield recently celebrated his sixty-ninth birthday and is showing no signs of slowing down.


With his new album, The Snake King, being released earlier this year, Springfield has been out on the road promoting it. For this stop on the tour he came to The Paramount in Huntington, NY. Fans of all ages came out in masses and easily filled the house to its full capacity.


Warming up the crowd was The Mylars with their supercharged rock and roll. Their original music has the sound of 1970’s power pop rock but their originality shines through. Danny Roselle (vocals/guitar), Quig (vocals/bass), Dan “Nashville” Rainey (guitar), Nick Polito (keyboards) and Chris O’Hara (drums) performed for a solid half hour.


The band played songs of their debut album, Melody Records, which was released last September.


The crowd was very at tentative and vigorously clapped after each song. The Mylars were a great group to get everyone pumped up.

During the intermission Springfield’s fans were refreshing their drinks and many could be heard talking about how excited they were to be seeing him live again, as this is not the first time he has played here at The Paramount. As soon as the lights faded the talking came to a hush and everyone found his or her seats promptly.

With the stage completely dark a video began to play on the screen that was the backdrop to the stage. The video took fans through a timeline of the many things Springfield has done, highlighting moments in his music and acting career. What seemed to get the most cheers was when they showed him in the early 1980’s in his role as Dr. Noah Drake in the smash hit soap opera, General Hospital.


Once the video came to an end, the lights came up and now visible were George Nastos (guitar), Sigve “Siggy” Sjursen (bass), Tim Gross (keyboards), and Jorge Palacios (drums) all at their instruments and ready to rock. Once Springfield walked out on stage the place went upside-down. Even though this show was set up for full seating, the isles became flooded and his adoring fans were squeezing tight against the stage.


“Light This Party Up” was the first song of the night and a perfect mood setter. Before long, the first of many panties to come throughout the night was thrown up on the stage. They continued with “I’ve Done Everything for You” and “Affair of the Heart.” Taking a breather for a moment, Springfield spoke to his fans and in looking at the audience he acknowledged that there were some long time fans in attendance this night. He then talked about his new album, The Snake King, and introduced the next song, “Little Demon”.


Springfield turned to the subject of relationships. He talked about his marriage of thirty-two years and how he and his wife have been through good and bad times. He looked up to the balcony to where she was seated and said “I wrote this song when times were tough.” It was the song “Our Ship’s Sinking”. Taking another few moments to share his thoughts with his fans, he talked about being from Australia, becoming an American citizen and meeting his wife, who is from the midwest and that he wrote the next song for her, “Souls”.


Keeping the good times going they played a fun compilation of the songs, “Bop ‘Til You Drop” / “Bruce” / “867-5309 Jenny” / “Jessie’s Girl” / “Don’t Walk Away” / “Rock of Life” / “What Kind of Fool Am I”. After “Love Is Alright Tonite”, he took another moment to talk about his new album. But before playing a new song, “The Voodoo House”, he asked the audience to help him in singing it. Teaching them the lyrics was fun and easy, “Hey ya! Hey ya! Oh!” and everyone eagerly participated when their part came up. Then the sing along fun continued with a cover of “Wild Thing.”


Sing along time was not even close to being over, especially because in the middle of “Don’t Talk to Strangers” he passed a microphone into the audience for several individuals to sing the title line. He even invited a cute little four-year-old girl, Claire, up on stage with him to sing it too. Then they played “Human Touch” which became very literal in the sense that Springfield was slapping as many hands with his fans as he could. That not being enough, he jumped off the over four foot high stage to the floor to interact with even more fans.


After all the excitement, Springfield’s wireless equipment needed to be adjusted, so that gave him another opportunity to talk with the audience. But before too long it was back to the music and they did another crowd pleaser, “Love Somebody.” Once the song came to an end the stage went dark. The record version of Springfield’s No. 1 hit “Jessie’s Girl” played over the PA. After the first verse of the song played, the stage lights came up and the band took back over, starting the song from the beginning. Everyone was cheering and screaming and singing along to the very last note.


The show was so full of energy and the audience was eating it all up. The guys were enjoying it as much as the girls. Even though they were not the ones throwing their underwear up on the stage, they were as eagerly reaching out their hands at the chance to have Springfield make physical contact with them. Springfield’s performance was right on point and the way he continuously interacted with his fans was awesome. His band was tight and right and complimented his every move. The tour continues on through November, however there is a date posted for December and a couple so far in 2019. Keep watch for when he makes a stop in your area and check out his show for a really good time.

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