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REVIEW: Wet brings Still Run to Austin

Hailing all the way from Brooklyn and deemed by The Fader as the most promising group in 2015, Wet joins Toro Y Moi at Stubb’s Amphitheater in Austin, Texas for a Friday night to remember.

The group consists of Kelly Zutrau and Joe Valle, who met through mutual friends while attending university in New York. Wet is signed to Columbia Records and released their debut album Don’t You, followed by a pair of singles, “The Middle” and “Turn Away” in 2016. This past July, the group released their sophomore album Still Run, followed by a headlining tour, covering the U.S. coasts. Currently, Wet is on tour supporting some of Toro Y Moi’s winter tour.

Drawn to their indie-chill sound and having been a fan for quite some time, I’ve been looking forward to seeing Wet for the first time since the show was announced months ago. After hearing their song “Turn Away,” I became hooked on the duo’s unique ability to blend an indie-grunge sound and was looking forward to hearing this song in particular live.

Hopefuls were seen outside of the venue, crossing their fingers for last minute tickets to the sold-out show. The crowd was sparse initially but began to fill once Wet took stage. Zutrau set on stage in casual attire, a bomber jacket, bare-faced, and sneakers. I felt like this was fitting for their laid-back style.

The band started off with “It’s All in Vain.” The audience swayed with drinks in-hand to Zutrau’s poetic lyrics and sun-dappled vocals floating over Valle’s meticulous arrangements. The set had mostly dark colors, making silhouettes mostly visible adding to the ominous atmosphere. An attendee front row was seen using the Shazam app and following the group on Spotify amid the performance.

The set consisted of approximately 7 songs but surely left me wanting more. Although they did not play “Turn Away”, “’The Middle”, (one of my top played songs for 2018) was my favorite of the night. The crowd bopped along to the song’s energy and emotions. “I’m interested in making music that can be nuanced and doesn’t feel prescribed or too derivative, but is also accessible. I want to make something that is real and connected to my soul and is revelatory,” Zutrau told Harpers Bazaar. Wet’s music is no doubt emotional, gut-wrenching, yet chill at the same time. I hope to catch the group again as a headlining show in the future.

Recently announced, Wet will embark a 26-date tour in the U.S. and Canada with Kilo Kish with special guests Helena Deland and Hana Vu. Be sure to catch the duo if you can!

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