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Rev. Horton Heat – not for the easily offended

Rev. Horton Heat – not for the easily offended

Photos by: Kevin McGee

The night was for the fans, including fans of Chuck Berry. With a tribute to the man, the fans were treated with the infamous Reverend Horton Heat, Birdcloud, The Goddamn Gallows, and Unknown Hinson. The Rev and co are on a tour that ‘started in about 1986’, and there’s no end in the foreseeable future. When punk and rock come together to give birth to the kid ‘billy’, things like Rev Horton Heat happen. Although most of the lay folk would only recognize the music in the context of a commercial, the truth of their cult-following brings life to smaller venues like Visulite. These fans know just how much goes into the albums, and that the opening bands must pack quite a punch to be involved.


Birdcloud - 08
The Goddamn Gallows

The Goddamn Gallows - 05The Goddamn Gallows - 04
The Goddamn Gallows - 08

The Goddamn Gallows - 09

The Goddamn Gallows - 14

The Goddamn Gallows - 16

Unknown Hinson

Unknown Hinson - 02
Unknown Hinson - 03
Unknown Hinson - 05


Reverend Horton Heat

Reverend Horton Heat - 01
Reverend Horton Heat - 02
Reverend Horton Heat - 07

Reverend Horton Heat - 08

Reverend Horton Heat - 12

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