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Reason Define In Memory… Release Show

An emotional night at Amos’

Charlotte, NC based band Reason Define has been on tour promoting their newest album, In Memory… concluding on March 29, with a hometown show at the recently reopened Amos’ Southend. While Amos’ now occupies only a portion of the building it once encompassed, I can’t conclude the downsizing was detrimental. The new space has a more intimate feel to it that was particularly well suited for this show.

Violent Life Violent Death - 15

Violent Life Violent Death - 09

Violent Life Violent Death - 10

Violent Life Violent Death - 06

Violent Life Violent Death - 08

Violent Life Violent Death - 01

Though intimate might not be the term to describe opener Violent Life Violent Death. Crushing is probably more apt. Hardcore, yet thrashy, they amped up an already sizable crowd that would continue to grow, before ceding to the next group, Scars Remain. Producing some airplay-worthy hard rock, it was another solid performance for the bill.

Scars Remain - 14

Scars Remain - 12

Scars Remain - 08

Scars Remain - 10

Scars Remain - 01

A Light Divided was next up, and I’ve always felt their take on modern rock is best experienced live. Always a terrific stage presence, this is a group that really does seem to thrive on stage.

A Light Divided - 01

A Light Divided - 03

A Light Divided - 04

A Light Divided - 10

A Light Divided - 08

A Light Divided - 09

A Light Divided - 16

A Light Divided - 12

A Light Divided - 17
Following was Never I, also a great live act. Skewing back to the heavier end of the spectrum, they abused their gear during an extremely energetic set. I was worn out just watching them.

Never I - 16

Never I - 15

Never I - 19

Never I - 04

Never I - 01

Never I - 03

Never I - 09

Never I - 11

Never I - 13
As much as I enjoyed all the groups, this night truly belonged to Reason Define. Grief is the main theme of In Memory… and each song deals with one of the five stages of it. It was clear this was an intensely personal project for the group, but also such a universal feeling that everyone could relate to it. One of the most emotional performances I’ve attended. Audience and band alike were visibly moved. Most notably for me during an unplugged “Mirrors” with only keyboard accompaniment.

Reason Define - 01

Reason Define - 04

Reason Define - 10

Reason Define - 09

Reason Define - 18

Reason Define - 25

Reason Define - 20

Reason Define - 27

Reason Define - 29

Reason Define - 28

Reason Define - 30

By the time things wrapped up with the fans chanting along on “Kingdom” it had been a roller coaster of a night. Mourning, anger, and sadness but also joy and hope.  The gamut of human emotion in a personal, yet shared experience. And if that doesn’t qualify as art, then I don’t what does.

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