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You ready for Warped? Sweating NOT optional

 You ready for Warped? Sweating NOT optional

 Warped Tour 2017

So, sure, the rumored lineup for Warped Tour 2017 wasn’t meant to be. Some of the leak was right, while other parts were a bit off-mark. The truth of the matter is that Lyman is bringing a bit of the old back, while still providing a space for up-and-coming newbs to the scene. They live-streamed the entire announcement, to which many of the Twitterverse folk were either posting blank-stare gifs or entirely elated. The featured artwork this year represents the freaks with superpowers, thick and thin, of many different looks. Presumably, this is in response to the fear of an oppressive government, and the empowerment that we all need to harness through music and art. Lyman of course focuses on the fans who make The Tour what it is, along with spotlighting the money-makers: the lineup. Sponsors new and old will be abound, hosting stages and tents. In addition, the staple of Warped Tour is still kicking: charities.

Kevin Lyman and founder of Shutter 16 Magazine Dianna Augustine(Shutter head with Kevin Lyman)

Kevin Lyman opens with some thank you to Full Sail, Monster, Vans, and the fans. Cruise ship talks came into the Vans Warped Tour rewind cruise Halloween weekend 2,300 warped fans. Twitter became a focus, and he talks on how some of the list was leaked the other day. They found out (who did the leak), and they wouldn’t own up to it unfortunately.

Random Twitter person said “If that is the actual line-up I will not bring my kids to.”

The thoughts behind this year’s tour are NOT about Donald Trump really but a lot of frustration out in the world. He wanted to bring mentors of the business to tour with the younger bands and this line-up is very indicative of the history. Very reflective of where we started in ‘95.

Official lineup for Vans Warped Tour 2017 by stage :

Journeys Left Foot


Bowling for Soup
New Year’s Day
Sammy Adams
Hawthorne Heights
Never Shout Never (throwback set)
Jule Vera

Journeys Right Foot

Charlotte Warped Tour 2012: Memphis May Fire

American Authors
Andy Black
Bear Tooth
Dance Gavin Dance
Hands Like Houses
Memphis May Fire
Neck Deep
Our Last Night
Save Ferris
Streetlight Manifesto

Mutant North Stage

The Acacia Strain (Vans Warped Tour 2011)

Being as an Ocean
Fit for a King
Silent Planet
Stick to Your Guns
The Acacia Strain

Mutant South Stage

Silverstein (2)

After Burial
Sworn In
Too Close to Touch

Skull Candy Stage:

Bad Seed Rising and Molly

Bad Seed Rising
Barb Wire Dolls
Big D and the Kids Table
Never Shout Never
Riverboat Gamblers
Sonic Boom Six
Stacked Like Pancakes
Street Dogs
The White Noise
Twilight Creeps
War on Women
William Control

Hard Rock Stage:

The Ataris
Bad Cop/ Bad Cop
Doll Skin
Fire From the Gods
Municipal Waste
Sick of it All
Strung Out
The Adolescents
The Alarm
The Ataris
The Dickies
The Suicide Machines
Valient Thorr

Full Sail University:

warped dia

Bad Omens
Boston Manor
Carousel Kings
Courage My Love
Eternal Boy
Farewell Winters
Knocked Loose
Naked Walrus
One Last Shot
Playboy Manbaby
Sarah and the Safe Word
Shattered Sun
The Dukes
The Fantastic Plastics
The Gospel Youth
The Waves
Trophy Eyes

Many live performances were done. While stage by stage was announced they brought out Beebs of Beebs and her Money Makers to talk a little about some experiences on Warped Tour over the years. Beebs (20)

Three tips from her: Discover new music, water–drink LOTS of water, step out of social media world meet some new friends in real time – have actual human interaction. Lots more banter and fun talk about music being a choice, having fun, people being pissed off about the line up… Kevin Lyman laid some knowledge to all the haters… “Simply… don’t go” We’ve covered Warped over the years the many ups and downs with killer line-ups and lackluster stages to a jam packed lineup this year. If anything as the bands were announced I got excited. Excited to see the change in climate of the youth turned 20 somethings, to the 40 somethings still in the crowd. The old, the new, the mosh-elites. I’m ready to sweat, I’m ready to mosh, I’m ready to lose my freaking mind. Are you coming?

Molly and Dianna at Warped Tour 2016

Catch me at Warped how bow dah?

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