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Punk royalty of the Queen City (No Anger Control)

Punk royalty of the Queen City

When it comes to the various sub-genres of guitar-based music, I think Charlotte, NC has always had a reputation as a metal town. While metal may dominate in terms of numbers of bands, that doesn’t mean that there is a lack of variety. Veteran punk group No Anger Control played to a packed house at Tommy’s Pub for the debut of their latest album, “Lessons of Mass Destruction.” With fellow rockers The Not Likelys and The Commonwealth also on the bill, they proved it served as a reminder that there is something available locally for every taste.

The crowd was primed and had palpable energy even before the music started. The catchy, ska-influenced tunes of The Not Likelys led things off and wasn’t long before the crowd was dancing along.

The Not Likelys - 08

The Not Likelys - 12

The Not Likelys - 09

The Not Likelys - 10

The Commonwealth followed up and ramped the energy even higher. Somewhat of a throwback sound, but solid blue collar punk. They also turned the show into a double album release as their newest EP, “Worst Things First” was available for the first time.

The Commonwealth - 01

The Commonwealth - 09

The Commonwealth - 05

The Commonwealth - 07

The Commonwealth - 11

The whole night had an intimate feel and good vibes all around. As No Anger Control took the stage, vocalist Tiff “Tantrum” Badger quipped “It’s like a family reunion, except with family I actually like.” Badger always exudes raw emotion in her live performances and tonight was no exception. Stage presence is a quality that’s difficult to define, but I know it when I see it, and it was on full display.

Bassist Jason Damiano and drummer John Ehlers form a solid rhythm section as well as backing vocals, with guitarist Levi Erickson providing the shredding. Bases on the new material No Anger Control is showing no sign of slowing down as this is some of their fastest, heaviest work to date. Well worth checking out one of their shows. The album’s great, but this a band that is best experienced live.

No Anger Control - 02

No Anger Control - 06

No Anger Control - 05

No Anger Control - 03

No Anger Control - 09

No Anger Control - 12

No Anger Control - 14

No Anger Control - 22

No Anger Control - 23

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