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Pröwess + Scowl Brow take over the Underground

Pröwess + Scowl Brow take over the Underground

Bad weather doesn’t always mean bad shows, and such was proven last week as Pröwess and Scowl Brow brought their own thunder to the Underground. The rain started around 6pm on Saturday evening, and it continued until around midnight. Luckily, the Underground had music fans covered, literally and figuratively, as they opened their doors for a night of rock provided by some of the best local bands Charlotte has to offer.

Modern Primitives 09

Doors opened at 7, and the club slowly but efficiently filled up, allowing a decently sized crowd to take cover as Modern Primitives kicked the show off at 8. The trio vibe with garage rock, with influences taken from soul, surf, and punk rock; and it seemed to be the perfect mix to get the crowd pumped up for the night.

Modern Primitives 28

The venue continued to fill up as Modern Primitives played through their set, and by the time Violent Life Violent Death was on stage, the place was fairly packed. VLVD changed gears with their sound being much louder and more aggressive as they got heads banging and people moshing in the pit.


I’ve seen these guys several times now and they just keep getting better. Their stage presence gets better each time, and their sound gets tighter and tighter. Their sound is definitely a throwback to the early 2000’s metalcore that was huge in NC, without being boring; it sounds familiar, while still sounding very new.

Scowl Brow 04

Scowl Brow is still one of my favorite bands, and I would continue to argue that they’re the best band to come out of NC in years. It was nice to see that their shows stay rowdy, even when playing at a larger venue. As soon as their set started I could feel the beer being slung around from the back and hitting everyone up front. Scowl Brow 57

I looked over my shoulder to see people climbing on top of each other to get closer to the front. Even at The Underground, a Scowl Brow show is still a Scowl Brow show, and that’s something that I really love about this band. This was Daniel Biggins’ (The Seduction) first show with the band as their new bass player, and he seemed to fit in perfectly. If you ever ask me whether or not you should see/support this band, the answer is always yes.

Pröwess 10

Pröwess was the final band to play Saturday night, and this show just so happened to be the kickoff show for their two-month long tour across the US. The crowd had started to decrease in size by the time they played their first note, but those who stayed for the full show had a blast as they sang along with front-man Plucky Bowes.

Pröwess 15

They reminded me of the bands that I used to see on MTV when I was a kid (and MTV still played music)… a throwback to the 80’s metal bands that just wanted to party. It appeared that the crowd felt the same way, because everyone just wanted to party the night away with these guys. Catch them on tour from now until September.

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Charlotte-area native, Bobby Whitmire, grew up heavily involved in the NC/SC hardcore punk music scene playing and booking shows. After a decade of moving around the country he settled in Charlotte again, where he decided to start school. At the end of 2014 he "borrowed" his family's old film camera that hadn't been touched in years, and since then you'd be hard-pressed to find him without at least one camera on him. In 2015 he decided to combine his love of punk and metal music with the passion he had for photography.


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