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Preview: Machine Head To Bring Catharsis To The Underground

Don’t Miss Your Last Chance To See The Current Lineup Perform Live

After the hair metal era of the eighties and the grunge movement of the early nineties, a new force in American music was beginning to take root. By blending a European riffing style with modern, gruff vocals, bands were taking a more brutal approach to their music bringing heavy metal music back into the mainstream. This movement would sweep across the United States and Canada from the mid-nineties to the mid-2000’s and would become known as the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. Influenced more by thrash metal and punk rock instead of traditional blues, the movement would encompass a variety of heavy genres including alternative metal, groove metal, nu metal, industrial, and metalcore. Bands like Pantera, Korn, and Lamb of God were on the front lines, changing the face of American metal. At the forefront of this era and leading the charge were the Oakland, California based rockers of Machine Head.

Formed in 1991 by vocalist and rhythm guitarist Robb Flynn and bassist Adam Duce, Machine Head would quickly break into the American metal scene. After recording their first demo in a friend’s basement for the modest sum of eight hundred dollars, the band was signed by Road Runner Records and released three albums for the label before a controversy would almost bring about their demise. The band’s fourth album, Supercharger, was released in 2001, just three weeks after the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Unfortunately for Machine Head, their music video for the single “Crashing Around You” featured burning buildings and was quickly pulled by media outlets including MTV. The controversy surrounding the video had a significant effect on the album’s promotion which caused issues between the band and their record label. Machine Head was able to negotiate out of the deal but would later return to the Road Runner roster.

The band’s sixth album The Blackening would take them away from their earlier nu-metal and groove metal sound to a more traditional thrash metal vibe which would earn them their first Grammy nomination for the song “Aesthetics of Hate.” Touring relentlessly, Machine Head became a regular on the festival circuit with appearances at Download Festival, Wacken Open Air, and even the Dubai Desert Rock Fest in the Middle East. Their musical direction took another slight shift with a classical music influence bringing a heavier, faster feel to 2011’s Unto The Locust album. The record would prove to be a huge step forward for the band, marking their first time cracking the Billboard Top 25 chart in the U.S. Over the years, the band lineup would undergo changes which led to a 2014 lawsuit against Machine Head for trademark infringement, filed by former bassist Adam Duce. Luckily, the lawsuit was settled out of court and the band was able to move on with their 2014 release Bloodstones and Diamonds. Their latest record, Catharsis, was released this past January to mixed reviews from both critics and fans.

In September, founding member Rob Flynn announced that lead guitarist Phil Demmel and drummer Dave McClain had left the band but would continue on to finish the current tour. There was a bit of confusion as to the future of Machine Head as Flynn referred to it as a “farewell” tour. He later stated that the tour was a farewell to the current lineup of the band and that Machine Head would continue on.

The band will be making a stop this Sunday at The Underground Charlotte as part of the Freaks & Zeroes tour bringing local fans one last chance to see the bad play live in its current iteration. This is a show you won’t want to miss but you better hurry tickets are selling fast and dates are quickly selling out.

Sun 8:30 PM3 friends are going
Charlotte, NC
Tomorrow 8:30 PM610 guests
Louisville, KY
Sat 8:30 PM CST815 guests
Nashville, TN
Tue 7 PM615 guests
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Wed 7 PM941 guests
Tampa, FL
Fri 7 PM CST381 guests
New Orleans, LA
Sat 7 PM CST750 guests
Austin, TX
Sun 8 PM CSTby Machine Head
Tue 8 PM MSTby Machine Head
Tucson, AZ
Wed 7 PM PST257 guests
San Diego, CA
Fri 7 PM PST773 guests
Anaheim, CA
Sat 7:30 PM PST1,259 guests
Santa Cruz, CA


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