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Preview and Ticket Giveaway: Calling All You Beautiful People!

Marilyn Manson Is Headed to The Fillmore Charlotte and It’s a Show You Dare Not Miss

Rock and roll has always been about more than just the music. It’s also is about the spectacle of a great rock show, the clothing, the attitude, and for some, a lifestyle. This shock value of rock has been something that sets the genre apart from others and has enamored generations of youth and outraged generations of parents and other conservative groups.  From the hip shaking of Elvis Presley to the mop-tops of The Beatles, rock and roll has continually pushed the envelope of societal norms and acceptable behavior and nobody has done this better than Marilyn Manson.

In the early nineties, when Manson burst onto the music scene,  he became just as well known for his outrageous antics, questionable lyrical content, and somewhat obscene live shows as he was for his music and his new style of driving industrial beats.  Manson’s costumes, makeup, and middle fingers up attitude made him every soccer mom’s worst nightmare and every outcast teenager’s hero. Personally, I didn’t find him all that shocking. After all, I was a child when Alice Cooper was being beheaded on stage on a nightly basis and witnessed KISS in full makeup and platform boots.  By the time I was a teen, I had seen protests outside Ozzy concerts after his alleged bat biting incident and listened to bands who had better makeup and hair than their girlfriends and wives did. So for me, Manson was always about the music.

When his breakout album, AntiChrist Superstar, hit the airwaves, there was simply nothing else like it and I was immediately hooked.  I went out to my local record store and picked up the CD becoming a fan from that point on.  His music has an undeniable groove and he is a master of combining melodies into songs that pack a punch.  Manson also has never been afraid to experiment with sounds mixing the best of metal, glam, punk, industrial, and alternative rock into cohesive records with thoughtful lyrics that touch on real life topics.  His latest and tenth studio album Heaven Upside Down is a modern rock masterpiece which  spawned Manson’s highest peaking single yet  on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Charts with “Kill4Me.”  

The song is a great blend of heavy rock and danceable grooves with a hook that simply cannot be denied and should be a staple of his live set for many years to come.  Over the years, he has also responsible for some of the best cover songs ever done putting his own spin on absolutely everything he touches. His latest offering is a Masonesque versions of “Cry Little Sister” which originally appeared on the soundtrack for the 1987 film The Lost Boys.

Many artists make a splash and fizzle after an album or two but Marilyn Manson is putting out some of his best material yet after over twenty years in the game.  The fact that his music is still relevant and resonates with a whole new generation of fans is a testament to his talents. Yet, he still has his naysayers. What about his onstage outbursts and erratic behavior?  Well, yes he has definitely made more than a few fans scratch their heads over the years but that is part of his immense appeal. You never know exactly what you’ll get when Marilyn Manson hits the stage and that right there is rock and roll.  

Manson will be hitting the Fillmore Charlotte on August 1st with a headlining  as he has a day off from his Twins Of Evil:The Second Coming Tour with Rob Zombie  and you will definitely want to be there to check it out. If he is on his game, it will be one of the best rock shows you will ever see.  Even if he’s not, he’s bound to give you memories that will last a lifetime and plenty to chat about on social media the next day.

Catch this tour!

Today 7 PM9,705 guests
Toronto, ON, Canada
Sat 12 PMTom Couture is going
Sun 12 PM496 guests
Tue 7 PM2 friends are going
Bristow, VA
Wed 8 PM5 friends are going
Charlotte, NC
Thu 7 PM2 friends are going
North Myrtle Beach, SC
Columbus, OH
Sun 7 PM8,659 guests
Louisville, KY
Mansfield, MA
Thu 7 PMBill Raymond is going
Camden, NJ
Sat 7 PM7,049 guests
Hartford, CT
Sat 7 PM1,806 guests
Hartford, CT
Sun 7 PM13,954 guests
Tue 7 PM2 friends are going
Thu 7 PM CDT22,720 guests
Dallas, TX
Fri 7 PM CDT513 guests
Sat 7 PM CDT10,700 guests
Mon 7 PM MDT1,732 guests
Denver, CO
Wed 5 PM MDT8,861 guests
Salt Lake City, UT
Chula Vista, CA
Sat 7 PM PDT4,727 guests
Las Vegas, NV
Sun 7 PM MST4,919 guests
Phoenix, AZ
Tue 7 PM PDT12,165 guests
Concord, CA
Wed 7 PM PDT8,141 guests
Mon 8 PM CDT3,703 guests
Nashville, TN
Tue 8 PM3,581 guests
Thu 8 PM CDT2,243 guests
Sun 8 PM CDT1,342 guests
Birmingham, AL
Tue 8 PM1,324 guests
Wed 8 PM4,433 guests

(photo by: Ricky Thigpen)

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