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Powered by Pandora, Spectrum Presents: Timeflies at the Fillmore Charlotte

The dudes in Timeflies made a special trip to the Fillmore Charlotte for a complimentary show sponsored by Spectrum and Pandora. I am not sure when they did the setup for the show, but the folks from Spectrum did an amazing job of making sure their logo was present at the venue; I almost didn’t recognize the building that I have spent many hours in.

Timeflies (12)

On the outside of the Fillmore, the Spectrum sign was on the front of the building. I did a double take to make sure that I was at the right place. Inside, the logo was on the bar, on the coasters, on the walls, and even on the mirrors in the bathrooms. They gave everyone some inflatable neon lights that became a big part of the show later on.

Flagship (16)

Opening for Timeflies were the Indie Rock Charlotte locals, Flagship. Drake Margolnik (vocals/guitar) and Michael Finster (drums) are the founding members of the band and formed the group in 2011. Joining them for this show was Joel Will (guitar) and Chris Comfort (bass).

Flagship (12)

I usually wander around before the show starts and see whose brain I can pick about the bands. This night, I was chatting with a gentleman and let him know I was covering the show and shooting some photos. He said, “Make sure you get some good pictures of my son. He is the lead singer of Flagship.” I laughed and let him know that I would do my best to get some good shots of Drake. I also told him that I would be back after my three songs in the pit to get a little more info from him.

Flagship (27)
As Flagship came on stage, Michael came out with a few of the Spectrum neon inflatables and threw them into the crowd. Drake, Joel, and Chris followed out.

Flagship (15)

Drake was sporting a denim jacket and Ray-Bans. Joel clad in motorcycle boots, strapped on his red Epiphone and Chris laid back with his cream colored bass.

Flagship (10)

The guys sound was powerful yet dreamy and drew you into a hypnotic state that is impossible to pull yourself out of. I had never heard any of their songs, and I was with them through their entire set.  Once Drake dropped his shades, he brought the crowd into his world giving them the eye contact that they all wanted.

Flagship (8)

As I had a chance to chat with Drake’s father, his face lit up speaking about his son; he was a proud papa for sure. He told me that when Drake was younger singing in the choir at Church, he didn’t really want to sing out front and was not the most comfortable in that situation. Obviously, that has changed.

Flagship (23)

He also told me about a show where he brought his mother to see Drake play. She was 91 years old. They both played hockey and wore the number 91 on their jersey. His grandmother donned a #91 jersey, as did Drake! As she sat in the back in her wheelchair, Drake introduced her to the crowd. Being able to recognize three generations and share their love in that setting was a special moment for the family.

Flagship (5)

As the band finished up, the first person Drake came up to was his father and gave him a big hug. Amazing show and amazing people in Flagship. I can’t wait to see them again. They are leaving Charlotte and going back out on the road this week, so if you are in a town they visit, get in their and support these guys.

Timeflies (23)
Blue light with purple spots flooded the stage as we waited for Timeflies to perform. They set the stage with a DJ riser in the back with a Mac Laptop dead center; white light being emitted from its iconic logo. The crowd was ready, mostly younger and heavily leaning towards female. They were waiving their Spectrum neons in the air as the band hit the stage. Rob bounded up the riser and manned his station. Cal bounded out onto the stage and everyone went berserk.


Jumping in the air, waving his hands, and moving side to side, once Cal got rolling, he didn’t stop for the entire show. Mixing some cool beats, hip hop, pop, and throwing some freestyle in, Timeflies brings a great time to their shows. As I looked around, there were nothing but smiles and dancing in the house. From the front row to the back of the Fillmore, everyone tested their vertical leap ability every time Cal put his hands up and led by example.

Timeflies (7)

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, those neon inflatables were a great idea. They gave a cool atmosphere as the crowd moved them with the beat. As I was slipping through the crowd during their song, “Under the Sea,” I found out that it is customary to throw your water into the air and spray it all over everyone. Luckily for me, I was able to maneuver out of the way to avoid my gear being soaked. Cal showed off his freestyle skills at one point.

Timeflies (26)

They had it set up with two big video screens on the stage and were going to flash random words up, ones that were relevant to Charlotte, that he would use in his song. That was a lot of fun and drew huge applause from the crowd. As Rob and Cal finished up their set, they came back and let the crowd know that they couldn’t end yet, because it was way too hype. The closed down the show with a very interactive version of “I Choose You.”

Timeflies (9)

Using the Charlotte show as a warm up, Timeflies is going out on tour later in September and will be on the road for the next few months. They have a new EP, “Too Much,” featuring their single “Are We There Yet?” They will be all over the country, so you should have an opportunity to see these creative guys do their thing. Flawless execution by the Fillmore, Pandora, and Spectrum in putting this special event together, with Flagship and Timeflies. The crowd and the bands left it all on the stage and on the floor. If you didn’t have a good time seeing Timeflies, then you just don’t like fun.

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Timeflies Tour

Timeflies (4)

9/28/2017 | Oxford, OH | Brick Street |

9/29/2017 | Atlanta, GA | Masquerade |

9/30/2017 | Carrboro, NC | Cats Cradle |

10/1/2017 | Charlottesville, VA | Jefferson Theater |

10/3/2017 | Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theatre |

10/4/2017 | New York, NY | Irving Plaza |

10/6/2017 | Philadelphia, PA | Electric Factory |

10/7/2017 | Silver Spring, MD | Fillmore Silver Spring |

10/8/2017 | Providence, RI | Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel |

10/10/2017 | Boston, MA | House of Blues |

10/12/2017 | Clifton Park, NY | Upstate Concert Hall |

10/13/2017 | Columbus, OH | Newport Music Hall |

10/14/2017 | Indianapolis, IN | Deluxe @ Old National Center |

10/15/2017 | Millvale, PA | Mr. Smalls Theatre |

10/17/2017 | Pontiac, MI | Crofoot Ballroom |

10/18/2017 | Grand Rapids, MI | The Intersection |

10/20/2017 | St. Louis, MO | The Pageant |

10/21/2017 | Milwaukee, WI | The Rave |

10/22/2017 | Chicago, IL | Concord Music Hall |

10/24/2017 | Urbana, IL | Canopy Club |

10/25/2017 | Minneapolis, MN | Skyway Theatre |

10/27/2017 | Sioux Falls, SD | The District |

10/28/2017 | Des Moines, IA | Wooly’s |

10/29/2017 | Iowa City, IA | First Fleet Concerts |

10/31/2017 | Omaha, NE | Slowdown |

11/2/2017   | Columbia, MO | The Blue Note |

11/3/2017 | Lawrence, KS | Granada |

11/4/2017 | Englewood, CO | Gothic Theatre |

11/7/2017 | Seattle, WA | Neumos |

11/8/2017 | Portland, OR | Alladdin Theater |

11/10/2017 | San Francisco, CA | Slim’s |

11/11/2017 | Los Angeles, CA | El Rey Theatre |

11/12/2017 | Santa Ana, CA | The Observatory |

11/14/2017 | Phoenix, AZ | Marquis Theatre |

11/15/2017 | Albuquerque, NM | The Historic El Rey Theater |

11/17/2017 | Dallas, TX | Gas Monkey |

11/18/2017 | Houston, TX | House of Blues |


  Flagship Tour Dates

Date Venue Location
Sep 12 U Street Music Hall Washington, DC
Sep 13 Union Transfer Philadelphia, PA
Sep 14 The Bowery Ballroom New York, NY
Sep 15 Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA
Sep 18 Magic Bag Detroit, MI
Sep 19 The Basement Columbus, OH
Sep 20 The Hi-Fi Indianapolis, IN
Sep 22 Bluebird Theater Denver, CO
Sep 23 Urban Lounge Salt Lake City, UT
Sep 26 El Rey Theatre Los Angeles, CA


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