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Playlist: The Ultimate Halloween Playlist

Playlist: The Ultimate Halloween Playlist

If there is one thing to say about the weather getting cooler, it’s a great time to wear hoodies, drink hot chocolate, attend bonfires, and celebrate the hell out of Halloween. The leaves have all just changed to a great hue of crimson; each porch hosts white, orange, green, freshly carved pumpkins and scarecrows. Faux and real spider webs scatter the land. All the kids are abuzz on what to wear for their sacred night of gathering candy, while adults are trying to find what will be most comfortable when they get most sloppy at all the Halloween parties. This is my favorite season. A moment to dress however you feel and take on a completely different persona. We spend thousands of dollars to slather every inch of our house in blood and guts and I’ve learned over my 30 odd years of hosting parties how to make things look like brains, squirt out when you squish them between your gnoshers or even cute little mice treats that squeak when eaten! The ghoulish good times of parties is never complete without the best eats, treats, costumes, and of course….. a damn fine mix of Halloween tunes. Here are 100+ songs for your Halloween festivities this weekend.

The leader of the pack, shutter16.fam, head photographer and brain schemer has been a Charlotte based concert photographer since early 2002. Her passion for photography was cultivated by her grandfather, a very well known and decorated war photographer who put the first camera in her very small hands at the age of three.

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