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Playlist: Rocking out with St. Patrick

Celtic Punk, Beer, and a Christian Saint Makes One Unforgettable Night.

Ahh, March. One of our favorite months of the year. The scent of Spring is in the air, Valentine’s Day blues are officially over, and the best holiday of all is about to commence! That’s right, St. Patricks Day! Although we spend the day getting shit-faced and rocking out to our favorite Celtic bands and bagpipes, the holiday is actually in celebration of Ireland’s Patron Saint Patrick. Patrick was born in 385 AD in what is now known as Dumbarton, Scotland.

At the age of 16, he was captured by Irish Pirates who sold him into slavery where he spent the next six years as a shepherd and a farm laborer. During his captivity, he had a dream which showed him an escape route.

Fortunately, he escaped and then became persistent about the Christian faith. Believing he would have died a slave if it weren’t for god. For the rest of his life, he committed to Christianity and is responsible for helping Ireland turn from the Pagan Religion to Christianity. In 461 AD at the ripe old age of 76, Saint Patrick died. Since his death, a yearly festival is held internationally in his honor. Parades, feasts, keggers, and church services are held around the world.   

Keeping Irishand Scottish history alive comes easily with the help of Celtic music. Artists such as Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, and The Rumjacks, let younger generations express the punk rock they grew to love and the music of their upbringing. So while you’re out and about on March 17th, getting drunk, stuffing your face, or even attending a church service, take a second to thank the man who you’re celebrating for and have a shot for him.

Find the playlist here!

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