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Playlist: Hurricane Florence is coming!

Staff Picks: Hurricane Party!

Hurricane Florence is about to crash into the East Coast and while we are all anxiously awaiting her appearance, we figured we’d do you all a solid and get together a playlist. Not just any playlist – one to spotlight hurricanes, chill time, all the works. Electrifying sounds of what we imagine a soundtrack sounds like dancing in the rain and wind while skanking and ducking just in time to miss getting hit in the dome with a large tree limb.

Florence has already managed to extend her wrath to the Raleigh, NC area with the cancelation of the anticipated festival by J-Cole, Dreamville 2018. They have announced they will be rescheduled sometime in the future.

Please evacuate if you are told to, check in on your loved once, extend a bedroom or a couch to some displaced hearts if you have room, and most of all – gather around and have a dance-off or host a Hurricane party. Take the scary, bad, negative feelings and make those bad boys your b*tch!

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