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Playlist: Diane’s Record Roulette (August 2018)

Diane’s Record Roulette (August 2018)

From Mozart to Metallica… Brahms to Blink-182

By: Diane DiMemmo

Ok, so here’s a weird, random fact. I’m a metal/rock/alt fanatic and … a classically trained musician. Flute and piccolo, conservatory trained, maniacally molded. It’s piece of me that’s somewhat fallen to the wayside, except for my continued love for listening to the classics: symphonies, concertos, waltzes, you name it. Yup, I’ve been outed.

In addition to liking classical music, though, I am a classic rock girl through and through. Sprinkle in some alternative bands, heavy metal, and old-school punk, and I’m a very happy camper.

So, the awesomeness that is Record Roulette is for me to share a random sampling (a sub-playlist, so to speak) of my entire music library with you. It should give you a brief glimpse into my wacky, randomized, inconsistently awesome music tastes, and hopefully inspire you to listen to musical genres you’ve never listened to before. Let’s be honest. You didn’t even know Mozart was on Spotify, did you?

To do this yourself, go to All Songs in your music library, hit shuffle, and record the first 40-50 songs that play. I am really interested in what Record Roulette craziness you produce, so leave a link to your playlist in the comment section below. I want to see if there is anyone out there weirder than me!

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