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Playlist: Apple Music Roulette

Derek’s Record Roulette Playlist 

What’s up everyone! It’s your friendly neighborhood ginger here, this time with some music to share with you in a playlist form. I’m a huge fan of music… we all are, that’s probably why you’re reading this. I love to create playlist for not only my own ear but also for others. I am constantly sorting through random music to discover stuff I’ve never heard and by artist that are new and old to the music scene. That has left me with tens of thousands of song in my music library.

In most cases with music, I’ll hear a song on a station or in another’s playlist and if I like it I will add it to what I call a Discovery Playlist. This is my way of logging a song so I have it and can come back to it and not forget it. I have a memory like Dory sometimes so forgetting is very possible with me. My music taste is all over the place but I often find myself loving the genres of Alternative, Rock, R&B, Hip/Hop, Pop and Singer/Songwriter. This love of music and hoarding songs leaves me with about 70 playlist in which some include over 300 songs.

With that in mind fellow writer here at Shutter 16, Cindy McBride put forth the suggestion of taking my entire library or a large playlist filled with randomness and shuffling it. As I hit the shuffle button I would log those songs into a new playlist to showcase some songs that come up and really highlight what I’m listening to from great songs to just plain random and obscure.

Join me in my world of music and take a listen to my first installment of Record Roulette, feel free to add the playlist to your library and hit shuffle. This particular playlist is derived from a larger one that has continued to evolve over time titled ‘A Playlist by a Ginger from a Place’. There’s no rhyme or reason… just enjoy. Happy Listening!!

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Derek’s Record Roulette {May 2018}


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