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Phoebe Nir releases bebut EP, Broadway Style

Phoebe Nir Releases Debut EP, Broadway Style

Fledgling musician and theatre geek Phoebe Nir has released her first EP, “Side Hustle,” and, while she has a long way to go, there are some compelling moments on this record. Based out of New York City, Nir has been playing some quite popular venues, including Below 54 and Joe’s Pub. She was received at the White House by President Obama as a Presidential Scholar of the Arts, and her passion for music is matched only by her passion for the performing arts and theatre. “Side Hustle” feels like a soundtrack for a Broadway musical: energetic, well-produced, and filled with heart.

Starting the record with a cover of Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life” Nir misses the mark on capturing the punk essence of the original. It’s an innovative and ambitious cover, but the song doesn’t fit with the rest of the record. Nir’s style is a blend of cabaret and pop (think Paloma Faith or Back to Basics-era Christina Aguilera), but her vocals often feel forced. Instead of singing naturally, she often sounds like she’s talking with the melody. The EP’s title track, “Side Hustle,” is the strongest of the six tracks. Accompanied by a full band, including a horn section, Nir’s playful and bright voice feels relaxed and comfortable in this song.

At times this album doesn’t feel complete, and it occasionally feels like Nir’s putting on an act. However, it’s clear this new artist has a lot of talent. It might take some time for her to find her niche, but when she does, she has the potential to bring something special to the music world.

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