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Phillip Phillips Returns to Charlotte, NC After the Release of A Long Awaited Album

Phillip Phillips Returns to Charlotte, NC After the Release of A Long Awaited Album

Photo and words by: Keely Caulder

Phillip Phillips stopped in Charlotte, NC at the Neighborhood Theatre for his second night of The Magnetic Tour on Saturday night to serenade his fans with his sweet, homegrown voice that America knows and loves. The American Idol star came back to Southern ground in order to promote his new album Collateral, which was released January 19th. Having waited nearly four years since Phillips’ last album, fans could not wait to hear his new music for the first time live.

Phillip Phillips -05

Opening the night was country rock band Striking Matches, and let me say, they lit the match and set the house on fire. The musical duo consists of Sarah Zimmermann and Justin Davis, who met at a guitar seminar class in Nashville.

Phillip Phillips -03

The chemistry between Zimmerman and Davis onstage was quite amazing; the combination of their talent in songwriting and performance is not only electrifying but also engaging. Striking Matches played new songs off of their brand new EP “Retrograde” and had many eager fans standing in the merch line ready to buy it after their set. Davis and Zimmerman each had their own kick drum of which they beat while playing guitar and singing. The audience loved it – you would have thought Phillip Phillips was singing out there himself. One of my favorite songs they performed was called “Medicine,” which they turned into a fun sing-along having the crowd sing “I gotta take my medicine but there ain’t no medicine.”

Phillip Phillips -49

What’s cool about a Phillip Phillips show is that it attracts people of all ages and different backgrounds. There were many fans at the Neighborhood Theatre who had been following him since his audition on American Idol and many of those who had just hopped on the Phillip Phillips train. Young and old, fans flocked into the theatre awaiting his performance.

Phillip Phillips -19

At 9:00pm, it was Phillips’ turn to hit the stage. He walked out so casually you would have thought he was walking into his living room. In other words, Phillips owned it, from 9 o’clock to 10:30 the theatre was his. Kicking off the set with “Raging Fire,” Phillips reunited with the stage and gave it his all to his fans after nearly a four year hiatus.

During the night, Phillips played many songs off his new album, Collateral, including “Into The Wild,” “Magnetic,” “I Dare You,” and more. If I had not looked it up, I wouldn’t have known the album was only released last month as fans sang every song and lyric with all their heart and soul. Throughout Phillips’ performance, he didn’t spare much time to talk or tell stories to the audience. The show was more focused on the music as it seemed Phillips wanted to fit in as many songs as possible. While he played many songs off Collateral, Phillips didn’t forget the hits. Towards the middle of his performance he played “Home” and “Gone, Gone, Gone,” in which the crowd sang in unison while Phillips strummed his guitar and took in the moment.

Phillip Phillips -37

It was interesting to find when looking back at his setlist on night one of the tour that it had drastically changed on night two. Not only the songs had changed, but the order of them as well. It kept the show refreshing and spontaneous not only for Phillip, but also for the audience.

For the encore, Phillips came back out to sing “I Dare You” solo, of which he claimed his mom said was her favorite off Collateral. As anyone could imagine, that is a big burden to carry. He proceeded after sharing this piece of information and said “I better not mess up!”

Phillip Phillips -26

I am happy to inform you, he did not mess up. Phillips gave the room chills with just the sound of his voice and guitar standing alone onstage. It was a vulnerable moment in which all eyes in the room were on Phillips.

Having been nearly six years since his audition on American Idol, Phillips’ distinctive voice has yet failed to swoon an audience in awe. Phillips’ has the capability of making new music that continues to hone his homegrown sound while also introducing new experimental tracks like “Love Junkie.” The Phillip Phillips that performed at the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte on Saturday night is the same Phillip Phillips that worked at his dad’s pawn shop and sang at local music venues in Georgia in 2012. His ability to stay humble and true to his fans is what makes America love him, and we will continue to love him throughout his career.

Phillip Phillips -38

Full gallery of the night.

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