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Periphery Make The Unexpected Happen In New York City

Periphery and Plini Rock Brooklyn Steel

Periphery has been back on the road to kick off 2020 in support of their latest record Hail Stan which was released last year. The band along with support act Plini made their final stop of the tour at Brooklyn Steel in New York City and treated fans to a metal show like never before.

Periphery 15

Saturday night before the band’s show in Maryland, Periphery took to social media to announce vocalist Spencer Sotello would be sitting out from the performance due to a diagnosis of laryngitis leaving Drummer Matt Halpern, Guitarist Jake Bowen, and Guitarist Mischa Mansoor to play the show instrumental with vocals coming courtesy of the crowd.

Plini 4

The same was expected and confirmed prior to the band’s NY performance.

Plini 2

Kicking off the show was Sydney Australia’s Plini, the group who is comprised of various touring musicians ranging from Chris Allison and Simon Grove to Troy Wright and Intervals own Aaron Marshall. 

Plini 8

The instrumental outfit is out in support of their latest EP Sunhead, which was released in 2018. The guys took to the stage all smiles and absolutely wowed the packed NYC crowd who showed up early to catch their blend of melodic and technical metal. 

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Plini’s setlist included popular songs like “Handmade Cities”, “Paper Moon” and “Atlas”.

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After watching Plini’s instrumental set, I think the crowd was ready to hear Periphery in a way they haven’t before, but with great surprise, as the lights went down and the intro for the band’s set began, singer Spencer Sotello took to the stage with roars echoing through the crowd. 

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Sotello telling the crowd “So this is how tonight is going to go, I’m gonna do the screaming parts but I need you all to do the singing”.

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The New York City fans did just that, from the set’s first song “Reptile” all the way through Periphery fans belted the lyrics at the top of their lungs. The energy in the building was chilling, Spencer clearly ill, still belted demonic like screams with all of his might and of course the rest of the guys made the set sound like perfection with driving guitar riffs and heavy blast beats from drummer Matt Halpern. 

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The whole experience was unique and beautiful in its own way.

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Chaotic strobe lighting bounced wall to wall as Periphery ripped through their set unrelentingly performing at 150%. The setlist featured songs spanning from albums like Periphery 2 & Periphery 3 to their Icarus EP and Juggernaut: Alpha

Periphery 4

Tracks included fan favorites “CHVRCH BVRNER”, “Scarlet”, “Marigold” and “Blood Eagle” before closing out the set with “Lune” while being joined on stage by touring partners Plini to close out the night in true family tour fashion. 

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Periphery triumphed through illness to allow fans to experience a one of a kind, highly interactive performance that turned out to be a blast to experience. The guys have some time off now which will give frontman Spencer Sotello an opportunity to heal. We here at Shutter 16 thank him for fighting through the performance and wish him a speedy and full recovery!

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