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Papa Roach kicks off The Crooked Teeth World Tour in Raleigh

The Crooked Teeth World Tour

By: David Zeck & Dianna Augustine

Photos by: Luke Jamroz

The Crooked Teeth World Tour kicked off on April 5th in North Carolina and we made it out to cover. Papa Roach are currently on tour in support of their latest album Crooked Teeth which was released in May of 2017. Jacoby Shaddix and company are pounding the pavement on their own headlining tour – beginning last night in Raleigh, North Carolina at The Ritz. The tour, which is named after the band’s latest album, finds Papa Roach bringing a powerhouse line-up, which features Nothing More and Escape The Fate.


Papa Roach have cemented their name in the Hard Rock community since 2000. They’ve brought their unique sound to the masses with a blend of rap and nu-metal, which has thrilled fans world wide. The bands live show, even after almost two decades hasn’t missed a step, in fact Papa Roach continue to awe crowds around the globe and have been known to steal the show through high energy performances led by frontman Jacoby Shaddix.


The band’s latest release Crooked Teeth, released via Eleven seven Music, shows various sides of the band, and it’s the perfect example of why the band has been able to maintain their relevance when so many of their peers have come and gone.


The album shows vocalist Jacoby Shaddix pulling no punches with songs like “Born for Greatness,” which sees Jacoby getting immensely personal about his three children. The highly acclaimed track “Help” was most added to rock radio and became the #1 rock song in the country. The album is available now and you can check it out for yourself right HERE.


Openers, Escape the Fate bring it harder and harder every time no matter how big the stage. Led by frontman Craig Mabbit the band has an energy and loyal fanbase like any other.


The set included “Do You Love Me” as well as “Remember Every Scar” and “Gorgeous Nightmare” off their 2010 self-titled album, and fan fave “This War Is Ours,” which sent kids flying over the barricade like a stampede, like every show.


While we were there to see Papa Roach, you couldn’t help getting sucked into the rage on the stage and the energy was palpable on the dance floor when Nothing More came on.


Nothing More (Eleven Seven Music) took the hard rock scene by storm. What may seem to many like a quick rise in popularity was actually a long, hard fought journey for the San Antonio natives. The band was founded in 2003, and through all their success, band members Jonny Hawkins, Daniel Oliver, Mark Vollelunga, and Ben Anderson have maintained their humble roots.


Nothing More have been instrumental on being there for their fans, making it their mission to tell their stories as well as those who are around them.


Many of you have probably heard about their 2015 monumental campaign, which pledged to help combat mental illness and suicide through encouraging dialogue around the important and often overlooked issue. The band launched #IknowJenny which found them teaming up with various charity organizations like Bring Change 2 Mind, To Write Love on Her Arms, The Jed Foundation, and Young Minds.


Nothing More donated proceeds from their hit song “Jenny” and shot a music video for the deeply personal track which was directed by singer Hawkins himself. Frontman Jonny Hawkins is no stranger to the pain and tragedy as mental illness has closely affected his family.


Nothing More stuck to their same beliefs in 2017 upon releasing their newest album The Stories We Tell Ourselves on September 15th, and you can purchase the record HERE if you don’t already have it. Tonight they unleashed a massive performance of rock, metal, and love. The crowd were into every single bit of it. They made sure to perform their hits “Jenny”, and “Do You Really Want It”, and we were even surprised with “First the Year (Equinox) (Skrillex Cover).”


Everyone’s most anticipated act of the night were up next. With vocalist Jacoby Shaddix at the helm they ripped into a 22 song setlist (below) that had some of the fans literally hanging from the rafters. Yes, literally.


The group have been doing this for decades and have learned the exact time to throw in an extra guitar solo, do a flip into the crowd, or if they are feeling a little reserved on an opening night – knocking out the cobwebs a  jump or flop on the stage to belt their hearts into a mic.


The crowd were rambunctious in a sea of young and old. Families with upwards of three generations coming together to sing every word of a song. Some slathered in the infamous black eyeliner or painted faces. And while it’s kind of a huge music faux pas to wear that bands t-shirt to the actual show you were hard pressed to find another band donned on shirt fronts this night!


You get it all on this tour – rad lights for us photography nerds geeking out in the photopit. Nostalgia for all the old fans and new fans get a good mix of the newer catalogue. Solid live music to lose your flipping mind to, and companionship married in a band with such longevity and faithful fans.


I chipped all my black nail polish, moshed so hard around the poles that I strained every muscle, crowd surfed, eye make-up ran, my jeans continued to rip themselves, and my plain black t-shirt morphed into a roach photo.  Epic night of music – achieved!


The tour will make its way all across the U.S and Canada. This was definitely one of the most talked about tours by the hard rock and metal community when it was announced.


I’d say for good reason too. Papa Roach always deliver a powerful and energetic performance, add to that Nothing More, who were easily one of the most talked about acts in the past year – even earning themselves a Grammy nomination. Top that all off with the return of Escape the Fate and you got yourself a can’t miss tour. Checkout the full list of dates below and we hope to see you on the road.


See full gallery of the night!

Papa Roach Setlist Ritz Theater, Raleigh, NC, USA 2018, Crooked Teeth

Tour Dates:
Tomorrow 7 PMLizzy Davis is going
North Myrtle Beach, SC
Montclair, NJ
Montreal, QC, Canada
Quebec, QC, Canada
Rochester, NY
Cleveland, OH
Indianapolis, IN
Tue 7 PMBrandon Scott Hanks is going
Louisville, KY
Des Moines, IA
Sioux Falls, SD
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Regina, SK, Canada
Wed 7 PM UTC-06560 guests
Calgary, AB, Canada
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Mon 7 PM PDT1,031 guests
Wed 7 PM MDT482 guests
Albuquerque, NM
Fri 4 PM CDT839 guests
Tulsa, OK
Sat 7 PM CDT273 guests
Sun 7 PM CDT2,090 guests
Corpus Christi, TX

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