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Pandora Exclusive: Timeflies and Flagship take on the Fillmore Charlotte!

By Jessie Harris

Pandora is the world’s most powerful music platform, connecting fans to the music they love the most. Indie rock duo Flagship will be opening for Timeflies at an exclusive performance for Pandora listeners on September 7th at The Fillmore in Charlotte.

Hailing from the Queen City itself, Flagship is made up of long-time friends Drake Margolnick and Michael Finster. Their music evokes feelings of raw emotion with a touch of atmospheric loftiness. In March, the band released its album The Electric Man with singles like “Mexican Jackpot” becoming an instant favorite. Check out their newest music video for “Midnight” featuring movie star Kate Bosworth on their website. You can also follow the band as they embark on a tour next month with Mondo Cozmo on their Instagram.

Headlining this special evening will be Boston natives Rob Resnick and Cal Shapiro, better known collectively as the band Timeflies. With a newly released EP titled Too Much, the band begs for your attention and all of it. The latest single, “Are We There Yet,” featuring country artist Chase Rice, is a pop anthem that is sure to be the soundtrack to your late summer evenings. Timeflies is known for their ability to cover a broad spectrum of music genres, from R&B and hip hop, to pop and electro, and now country.

The boys have grown into a successful band that has appeared on primetime TV shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live! and various other movies due largely to the fact that their fanbase has been with them since day one. Timeflies originally gained popularity with their Youtube channel, featuring remixes and covers of today’s top hits. They set out for their Too Much to Dream tour in September, with shows spanning coast to coast. If you can’t catch them on one of their many stops, you can still tune in for the band’s beloved “Timeflies Tuesday” segments on their Youtube channel. Be sure to follow the band on Instagram, on Twitter, and on their website.


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