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Pam Taylor Shares the Love With New Track “Squeeze Me”

Pam Taylor Shares the Love With New Track “Squeeze Me”

Local singer/songwriter/guitarist Pam Taylor is gearing up for the release of her new LP, and the debut of her latest single “Squeeze Me” is just around the corner on May 20th. Pam was gracious enough to give Shutter 16 an advanced listen, and if you are not already a Pam Taylor fan, you will be when you hear this song. Pam is currently running an INDIGOGO campaign, titled “Spread the Thread,” to help fund the making of the album and the subsequent tour, and is offering plenty of awesome goodies at different contribution levels.

Her music is worth supporting notwithstanding the campaign goodies though, as she promises to try to bring as much light and love into the world as possible with her music. Her real goal behind the making of the album is to spread the thread of love and healing as best she can. It’s a noble endeavor and one worthy of your checking, and helping, out. Now, about that new song…

Pam’s 2012 LP Hot Mess was a critically acclaimed, as well as powerful, collection of introspective tunes that basically served as a sort of catharsis for Pam as she musically worked her way through some of her darker memories from the darkest period of her life. From the opening notes of “Smile Again” through the final notes of “All I’ve Got Left,” Pam sung, and played the hell out of, some great blues. Throughout the album though, there was an undeniable shining sliver of hope and joy hiding just beneath the darker themes waiting to burst forth. With “Squeeze Me,” Pam demonstrates that she still has the gift of great blues guitar playing and singing, but that joy and love are the main themes this time around and are on bright display.

“Squeeze Me” showcases not only Pam’s spirited blues guitar playing, but it is also a great vehicle for her soulfully resonant vocals. Pam has one of the best voices in contemporary blues and listening to it sing so joyfully is wonderous. With an upbeat pace and a great guitar solo about midway through, the song sounds just about perfect in every way and is suited for heavy rotation. It’s a perfect summer road trip song, and meant to be played in the shining sun whether you’re out cutting the grass or getting ready to cut some waves at the beach. As Pam herself told me, “It’s one of my light hearted songs about new relationship energy.” What is more sunny and warm that that?

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 11.57.17 AMPam states in her info blurb on Facebook, “Be the light. Give the love. Share the music.” You can’t help but do that every time you listen to “Squeeze Me.” Personally, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the upcoming album. If it’s half as good as its lead single, Pam’s listeners are in for a real treat this summer.

For show info and more info on Pam Taylor and her music, visit her site Pam Taylor Music.

All images via Pam Taylor’s website

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